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Comment Re:Is it paranoia if it's true? But what do you ha (Score 1) 168

Oh please. This is /doctrine/. Every company in China which employs more than three party members has a party office on site

economist.com says 13% of companies have relationships with the Party. It is not every company. I checked Huawei's background and here is the article that says there is no government involvement - no party in Huawei

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

I didn't realize that you were weaseling out of facts which stated that a lot of Chinese prisoners were terrorized. Even if you looked at articles that I provided, you only pick one or two statements that goes against me and they were taken out of context.

So, here is the proof http://books.google.com/books?id=XMJpnYmKNQsC&pg=PA167&lpg=PA167&dq=Chinese+prisoners+forced+to+go+to+taiwan+korean+war+Panmunjom&source=bl&ots=MN8Aafvxap&sig=sE1au-AyvOm70Zy-_y8f67I75qE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=x1LsTu_wGamKiALNkdXGBA&ved=0CCEQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

..Control of the food supplies was a powerful means, and that, threats, beatings, slashings and the killing of the most stubborn, led to a gratifying number who muttered "Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan" when asked the key question...

Terrorism did exist in POW camps. It would have been a violation of Geneva Treaty, which USA didn't ratify. They really were kidnapped victims.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

Would this link http://books.google.com/books?id=XMJpnYmKNQsC&pg=PA167&lpg=PA167&dq=Chinese+prisoners+forced+to+go+to+Taiwan+Korean+War&source=bl&ots=MN8AaeDzdm&sig=dw1mnhtu2YtWaVxpSxvaYE4yu0I&hl=en&sa=X&ei=2UvsTrXwOK3TiAKAsuj2Aw&ved=0CDwQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q&f=false help to convince you that 22,000 kidnap victims were really kidnapped and beaten blue and black? It is a book. Better than other wikipedia articles. Your logic is different from the logic 50 years ago. It is not fair that you got 2 points while I got 1 point as I have a huge knowledge of Korean War.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

That's not what I mean. ROC agents tortured 22,000 prisoners in Prisoner camps. That was a fact. Earlier in the Chinese Civil War, ROC recruited troops by kidnapping many peasants. That's how they expanded armies. It was not easy to have peasants volunteer for armies unless they are roped in and brought to stations in faraway places.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

That's not what I mean. ROC agents tortured 22,000 prisoners in Prisoner camps. That was a fact. Earlier in the Chinese Civil War, ROC recruited troops by kidnapping many peasants. That's how they expanded armies. It was not easy to have peasants volunteer for armies unless they are roped in and brought to stations in faraway places.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

No I read the Korean War books in USA as I was raised in USA. The Chinese government had been honest in the Korean War. "Truth" was how the Chinese armies forced US armies to stalemate. It estimated the number of U.N. soldiers accurately while the U.S. soldiers wildly estimated the number of Communist soldiers and others. In battles, generals rely on honest reports to win and soldiers were not allowed to fake out numbers. Surprisely, the U.S. generals made mistakes as they tallied a huge number of Chinese deads falsely reported by U.S. soldiers. What's up with bragging about killing a number of enemies when there were few dead bodies?

There weren't Chinese newspapers back in Korea War. Just lots of peasants who can't read or write. Today, we do have newspapers in China. In Taiwan, opinion is divided. Many mainlanders who fled China still support China reunification. Younger people are sort of forgetful. I still have some old Taiwanese friends who support China reunification. Today, Western Journalism is a lot worse due to jingoism and prejudice. At least I have dead-wood books that painted the stories of Korean War.

Maybe you shouldn't trust some US sources as they are very biased and white-washed. It takes research to get facts. My research includes Korean War books and personal stories told by my father and mother.

Shouldn't trust government-issued history textbooks? I didn't. I didn't trust U.S. government-issued history textbooks. I had trusted those books before in elementary schools until I picked up library books of what happened to Indians who met Pilgrims. Turned out that generations of them were manipulated and killed. So, what happened to the contributions of Pocohontas? Or what happened to Columbus that I day-dreamed of in a classroom? What happened to giving thanks for turkey? Library books are great for honest readings. That goes for Korean War books.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

Yes there were a lot of KMT soldiers in PRC's armies. They switched sides to Communist during the Chinese Civil War as the Nationalist armies were retreating to Taiwan. Once, the Chinese Civil War was over, the Korean War was beginning to unfold. The troops didn't have time to go home, they had to be prepared for a war in Korea one more time.

The political leaders really wanted to invade Taiwan but with the Korean War, they changed their military plan and lost the opportunity to invade Taiwan.

No, it wasn't true that it was a way to get rid off potentially disloyal troops. They happened to be closer to Korea and didn't have time to go home for relaxation. Putting troops in Korea was mainly the decision of political leaders and military leaders. A number of Chinese civilians (perhaps University students as I had seen a photo) joined the troops. The belief from a Taiwanese was just an assumption. The claims of getting rid off disloyal troops were true earlier in the Chinese Civil war, but not in the Korean War, where PRC already consolidated armies. In the Chinese Civil War, both Communists and Nationalists were getting rid off/ laid off disloyal troops (mostly newly acquired prisoners) as part of their joint uneasy peace deal and in some early occasions killed troops perceived to be disloyal. So getting rid off disloyal troops was done already before the Korean War began.

When you have a small army early in a war, the usual way is to take no prisoners as you cannot afford to keep prisoners for too long. When your army get larger, you have two choices - kill prisoners or keep prisoners. It depends on your strategy.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

Sure, they do want to coerce POWs partially because of the need for propaganda victory and partially for manpower back in taiwan. There existed terrorism in POW camps, so anything POWs say is not certain. ROC leaders can tolerate having those former communist POWs in the Taiwan as long as they don't rebel or don't participate in high leadership positions or don't reveal their sympathies to Communists.

Are you saying that ROC leaders didn't want to coerce them? Do they lack any skill to convince Communists to go to Taiwan (Communists already successfully convince former enemy soldiers to serve in armies)? Moreover, if they are really suspicious of Communists regardless of whether or not they are truly communists, why did they let them in if they were communists? Manpower? Propaganda? Or the fact that they were former ROC soldiers as my grandfather was the former ROC soldier? Wanting to coerce or not to coerce is not the point (If I were a general, I would definitely try to convince prisoners to serve in my army for bigger battles). There existed terrorism in POW camps and ROC did want to get involved in the Korean War especially if they wanted as many prisoners to go to Taiwan where there were no real families or for hurting the PRC government's feelings.

If you have a family in China and you are a prisoner, would you go to Taiwan or China? Ideology, who cares?

You don't know what the source is? The article cited "MacDonald" the author of a book. That article just put together a number of sources and I am an avid reader of Korean War books.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

That is interesting. It is a complete opposite of what the Korean War book was saying. What about this statement?

Many POWs were forced not to repatriate.

Inside the camps, anti-communist enclosures used brutal methods to coerce the majority for non-repatriation, "harrowing scenes preceded the official screening, in which violent, systematic terrorism occurred". "Those who wanted repatriation were either beaten or killed". "As a result, when polled the majority were too terrified to say anything but 'Taiwan' repeated over and over again". (MacDonald).

From stories told by POWs who got back to PRC, the KMT agents used most brutal methods to ensure non-repatriation, the details can be found from a book written by a former POW, it is in Chinese and is online. (link to be added)

US did nothing to stop this kind of brutality within the camps, on the contrary , it introduced anti-communists agents into the camps and encouraged their coercions.

http://www.centurychina.com/history/faq6.shtml This online statement above is real as the book I read is older and is written by an American author.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

The Operation Big Switch wiki article isn't deep in details. It says they declined repatriation and that's it. It is incomplete. If you read books, you'll know that they were terrorized and were forced to agree to go to Taiwan. Korean War books, which I read, tell the stories about the Chinese prisoners being terrorized. If you don't believe me, you can pick a book in any library.

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 1) 449

Nope, I anticipated that anyone would say that my comments come right out of PRC propaganda machine but I'm a real person. I've seen a lot of criticisms of China in western news. I can tell you that for a decade, not a single English Western news article about China is positive. If you need citations, Korean War, is a book I read in a American library. In fact I read a lot of Korean War books (All American books). There is one particular book I like because it gives details about the battle of Chosin Reservoir. If you happen to see the book with the name Chosin Resevoir somewhere, that's the book I would recommend. I only regurgitated what I read. Wikipedia and other Internet stuff aren't deep in details.

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