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Submission + - Military Drone crashes in Central Pennsylvania (

qwertphobia writes: A drone aircraft crashed in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania this afternoon. A spokesperson at Fort Indiantown Gap confirmed that the aircraft took off from the fort. The drone is operated by an aviation unit of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Comment right around 40 (Score 1) 558

From the firewall: 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=244 time=40.7 ms 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=244 time=39.9 ms 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=244 time=40.1 ms 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=244 time=40.2 ms My desktop is a bit higher, 45-50 range, but not too bad.

Comment Re:How is MATE? (Score 1) 118

Mate is nice. I wanted to like Gnome 3 but just couldn't... it's really backwards for me as a network admin. Gnome 2 is so much more streamlined to my work habits, so I was pleased to find the Mate project.

Comment Dynamics of the Leading Edge (Score 0) 379

I've spent enough time on a bike to tell you the leading edge that breaks the surface tension of the air as you pedal is a critical component of air resistance.

Trust me, when you are constantly breaking wind, or if you routinely draft in the turbulence of the rider in front of you who is breaking wind, it will degrade your performance at least 10-20%.

Comment Re:It's also pretty old (Score 2) 84

Yes, it's reasonable, that doesn't mean I like it. I won't gracefully give up my right to complain on the Internet.

Frankly it's linux kernel compatibility I'm most concerned about. If Fedora 18 comes out next week with an updated kernel which breaks compatibility with the current 7-series driver, what are the chances it's going to get fixed?

In the other hand, things are moving along in the Nouveau open source driver so there are alternatives.

Comment Re:Enlighten me please (Score 3, Insightful) 203

The software on my firewall (which is up-to-date) supports IPv6 in several ways. It can route IPv6 by OSPF. It can firewall and inspect IPv6 traffic. It can provide an IPv6 address to the management interface. It can use IPv6 to download software updates and signatures from the support portal. It can perform NAT6to4 to provide IPv6 connectivity to internal IPv4 resources. However it doesn't yet support Multiprotocol BGP, which is needed to route IPv6 by BGP. This is critical to us since we have multiple ISPs. I give this example because I have found most enterprise equipment "supports" IPv6 but not in a way that enables full replacement of IPv4 addressing with IPv6 addressing. Furthermore, we know how long government projects take to implement. If this one is just completed it probably started a decade ago...

Comment Re:Or... (Score 5, Informative) 264

What was ignorant about my comment?

It is fact that DNSChanger does not infect OSX. It doesn't infect iOS. It doesn't infect Linux, or BSD, or Amiga, or Android, or BeOS, or Plan 9, or Chromium, or OS2, or Solaris, or EMACS. I happen to be running one of the many OSs it does not infect.


Comment Mountain bike (Score 1) 356

I ride a hard-tail mountain bike. I put nice slicks on there for road rides. Since it's not suspension, I don't waste energy pushing the suspension around (weight and bouncing). But my arms get a little tired if I ride all day on a dirt road. The gears are similar to road bikes I've owned with a nice small granny gear, so I don't have the complaint others have mentioned about gearing.

Comment Apple = Gatway Drug (Score 1) 195

Unfortunately for Apple, this is yet more proof that their products are a gateway drug.

First you get a free iTunes card, so you need some free software from Apple.

Then you realize that iTunes doesn't support yout Zune, so you get an iPod Nano next time around.

Before you realize it, you're knee deep in stolen iPads and $25M in high-grade meth.


Submission + - Chinese Regime on Brink of Military Coup ( 2

jjp9999 writes: Instability among the Chinese leadership is become more and more pronounced, as highlighted by the recent arrest of Wang Lijun, the former chief of the Public Security Bureau in Chongqing, Sichuan. Wang was once the right-hand man of Bo Xilai, who is in line to take control of the Chinese regime after Hu Jintao. Investigations into Wang are likely to spill over onto Bo, but there is more to this than meets the eye. On Nov. 10, when Hu Jintai was in Hawaii at the APEC meeting, Bo held a large-scale military maneuver in Chongqing. As The Epoch Times states, ‘Bo showed Hu his capability to mobilize the military.’ Now, this came after a series of incidents that demonstrated Bo’s lack of support among the CCP leadership, including a June 2011 fiasco when he led 500 members of a ‘red song troupe’ to perform in Beijing and not one of the nine members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau showed up. With the military exercise, according to The Epoch Times, ‘Bo sent out the message that he has enough ability and determination for a military coup,’ and the reverberations were seen soon after. The CCP’s state-run media Xingua reported on Jan. 15 that two top-ranking military officials declared that the military should ‘follow Chairman Hu’s command.’ Wang Linjun’s removal took place just after the military deployment.

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