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Comment There is a use (Score 1) 122

If the i.MX6 had, as microcontrollers do reconfigurable output pins it would be useful to have different io options. since the cpu board has the hard part done: connecting the memory and dealing with bga - it becomes a lot easier to create your own io board. So to me it makes sense. It's not about upgrading CPU/memory - but upgrading (or sidegrading?) the io options.

Comment Re:possibility...some... (Score 2) 367

Or maybe they could even not do facelifts?

Of course I'm glad the CRT ATMs with burned in interfaces are gone. But apart from that? I don't like the Welcome screen and Ads. I want the thing to be fast.and easy to use. I don't want a lot of functionality. I want to enter the sequence of keys I press to get money without having to follow the rules on the screen that I have seen hundreds of times before.
I want to be able to read the screen at all times of day independent of where the sun is.

As with all embedded systems if the question wether something is an improvement can not be answered without a doubt you'd better leave it as is or find a simpler solution. Like a physical button. Or an instructional poster.

Comment Re:Input lag! (Score 1) 271

But the results of the research has to go somewhere! We can't have students write their thesises and do their accompanying work without putting it on the market, can we?
Apparently it's even unthinkable to let their undergraduate tinkering go to waste. Or maybe there is an actual reason for the mood lights built into the coffee maker at my local gas station.

Comment Re:Why such low specs (Score 1) 307

I'm using an ipod touch with a vga adapter modded to accept a usb charger plus an audio cable connected to a monitor to watch itunes-U lectures. As a result I need to be careful to not loose any connections when interacting - such as changing the volume.
Every cable beyond a thin and light charging cable is a pain. So Apple had the right idea with making the new connector for i-devices. However I doubt it accepts long cable lengths.
I agree that we are getting close to our handhelds merging with the portables and even the desktops. But there are still a lot of problems to be solved that only present themselves when interacting with the actual implementation.

Comment Re:what about the other 38% (Score 1) 331

No. This is an inherent limitation of ebooks where the paper books interface is superior.
With a real book I quickly get to know the book well enough that I can just flip it open at a good estimate of how far in I am by the the thickness of the stack I'm flipping. A scrollbar doesn't convey that kind of information anywhere near as well.
A book has a mechanical preference to pages that have been looked at for longer. If I simply flip it open at random it will flip open to a page that has been looked at more because of the binding becoming weaker.
A book has infinite fps. By flipping through the pages with my thumb I can look out for and actually find a diagram I'm looking for.
No matter how responsive and high fps the reader software gets - It will not have the physical feedback a book provides and that is actually useful to find your way through that book.

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