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Comment Re:Washing & reusing Ziploc baggies (Score 3, Interesting) 120

I'm one of those thrifty bastards...almost.

I have a Sanyo Katana LX, purchased in January 2009. It still makes phone calls, it still sends and receives texts, and its battery lasts a week with the light use I give it.

I avoid upgrading for four reasons: 1) It's no longer subsidized by the major players. 2) Even a new flip phone costs a minimum of $100. 3) Both my wife and my brother-in-law gave me their old phones, so if mine is lost or broken, I have spares. and 4) I dislike the disposable culture of today, given that we cannot infinitely replace old electronics with a finite supply of building materials.

Comment First, Ask Why (Score 1) 429

The question lists What they're doing but barely speculates as to Why, beyond "to look good."

Most people I've seen treated this way get it because they've either badly or repeatedly screwed over colleagues.

From the description, it's an environment where people don't have much trust in management/HR helping. In such a situation, where the gaslighter may well have a legitimate issue with the victim but, in the absence of legitimate channels, taking away their ability to succeed until they go away remains an apparent only choice.

So first step is to consider if you've screwed then over. Not by your definition but by theirs. If so, start by mending bridges.

Maybe it is nothing to do with the victim. Still ask why.

Maybe they're a very insecure person, despite the rockstar talents the victim perceives.

Maybe they're scared of someone less talented but younger and hotter.

Or maybe they're hurting from other bad workplace drama, a bad manager, another bullying colleague, and lashing out where they can.

Get to know them, understand them, empathize, build their trust, make yourself an ally they want to build up not tear down.

Is that fair? Should you have to work with an unfair bully?

No. Back when mommy could talk to the teacher, it wasn't fair.

But this is the real world. In a good company, management and HR will help but this apparently isn't one. That leaves leaving (hurts you), fighting (often hurts you more) or being the bigger person to ensure you succeed.

You're going to hit lots of unfair in your career. Working out how to win anyway is at least as important a skill as any technical one.

Comment Makes me curious to know... (Score 1) 348

I wonder what other contracts the government has with Google...

This lawsuit lists only one, the GSA's "Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions Contract", number GS07F227BA. Since it gives a contract number, we can actually reference it on a few different websites. I guess we can use the FPDS website to search for more contracts awarded to Google. ...

There's a million dollar contract for Google AdWords for the FDA, $250K awarded by the State Department for marketing its "Programs and Products", A lot of contracts by the BBG (who administers the "Voice of America" program)...Neat stuff!

Granted, I know that Google is the digital nexus of advertising online, but it still just feels a little disappointing how much of our tax money is going directly to them. (I suppose it pails in comparison, though, to other contractors like Lockheed Martin. Doing some more Googling (how ironic) seems to indicate that Google isn't even in the top 100. So I guess it's water under the bridge.

I wonder if I can find any contracts by the NSA...

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