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Comment White House hesitation (Score 1) 173

The White House is hesitating over making any accusations along these lines because they know full well that if you make those accusations you'd better be able to back them up and the evidence to back them up is almost impossible to get. We may know that the Russians are behind it, but I doubt we've got the evidence to actually prove it to any acceptable standard and if we go off making official accusations without being able to prove them we're going to look like fools.

Comment So Palmer supports a fascist demagogue. (Score 5, Interesting) 841

Guess I shouldn't be surprised. Glad I gave up on Oculus the second Facebook bought them.

He's proven himself to be a duplicitous piece of shit since the acquisition. This is not shocking.

Hillary is also a piece of shit, but not one that would immediately alienate 90% of the rest of the planet, and likely plunge us into thermonuclear war within 6 months of taking office.

Comment Recycling fee (Score 1) 166

I don't know about elsewhere, but in California when you buy any sort of large electronics (TV, computer, monitor, etc.) there's a recycling fee added as a line item on the receipt to cover recycling the device when it's discarded. Recyclers in California should be getting paid for every device they take with money that's already been collected for that purpose. Maybe that recycling fee needs to be increased and applied nation-wide, with payment going only to those recyclers who actually recycle the equipment and can prove it.

Comment ah well (Score 4, Interesting) 57

I had a Windows phone and the OS was head and shoulders above its mobile OS competitors. Intuitive and fast interface, and amazing performance for the hardware. Unfortunately there was an astonishing lack of apps, so I had to switch back to android. It was kind of 1995 in reverse: I gave up a better Windows-based OS for an inferior Linux-based one because the Linux-based one had better commercial software support.

Comment My recollection of Kindergarten, circa 1986 (Score 3, Insightful) 227

We had only half-day kindergarten. We went outside at least twice a day. During the day, we sang songs, did water coloring, played with clay, construction paper and scissors, the sandbox, sock puppets. There was lots of arts and crafts. There was always story time, where our teacher would read aloud to us. The only academic work I can ever recall was studying the alphabet, learning how to count to ten, how to count money, and learning how to write our name.

I still work in a school, in Minnesota, and now kindergarten is full day. Kids are expected to learn how to read. They do lots of worksheets, spelling tests, spend time learning how to use computers, and learn basic adding and subtracting. There's also lots of social behavior practice (how to stand in lines, how to be quiet and raise your hand, how to take turns, not interrupt others, etc.) And writing...lots and lots of writing. Long story short, what I covered in 1st grade 30 years ago is now what is expected in Kindergarten. Play is a thing of the past.

At this rate, expect them to be bringing home Algebra textbooks by the turn of the century.

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