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Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 264

If you have an iPhone, get an iPad. If you have an Android phone, now you can get a comparable Android tablet. With the growing number of Android phones out there a solid alternative that allows you to stay in your chosen ecosystem is a good thing. Competition of features is also good. The newest one should always be better than the last one. I expect no different from the iPad3. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 won't woo any iPhone users, but it will sell tablets to Android users who don't already have an iPad.

Comment Re:I guess soon we'll see about Flash (Score 1) 154

Good point, maybe that could work well enough if just getting rid of extras such as the Google apps would do it and the core OS would fit, which seems reasonable. While Google said they wouldn't do it, they did say it was kinda possible for someone else to do. The new Davlik JIT compiler would be worth it alone. On my N1 things are a bit zippier, but it is the WIFI hotspot and tethering that takes the cake. I hope T-mobile doesn't change their policy and start charging more for tethering. I got their "VPN data plan" at least 5 years ago, which encouraged tethering at the time and have an unlocked phone, but you never know.

Comment Re:I guess soon we'll see about Flash (Score 1) 154

Have you heard definitively that Froyo will be ported to the G1?

No. It is correct, by Google's admission at IO, that Froyo is too big to flash to the ROM on the G1. However, as they mentioned, there could be a custom (non-Google) build that removed pieces of Froyo's functionality in order to get it to fit. Not sure why you would want to do that though. It would be like taking the seats out of a Ferrari though, it would be fast, but not much fun to drive.

Comment I love computers (Score 1) 385

Computers are more reliable than the software that runs on them, or the people that use them.
Computers can be used to enable people to do more and more every day.
However, in the corporate world they enable you to do less, just more of it.
It is the "systems" that are created, not to enable people, but to disable choice that are the problem.
Most aggravating calls to customer supports usually end in "Sorry, the system won't let me do that".
The computer itself would let you do anything you can tell it to (within the limits of the medium), they are the rock in the foundation, and for that I love them!
It is the non-hardware portion of the stack that is easier to hate. . .

Comment Build more ... use more (Score 1) 812

This may be a bit off topic, but I can not help but think of Robert Moses solving all of our transportation in the 1950's and 60's in NY, by building more highways. The more that were built, the worse the traffic got. Yet, for decades people have been putting up with it. He also solved the transportation issue by only spending money on transportation by automobile. This has come to haunt us now as the automobile is too expensive, and the other alternatives don't exist in enough capacity. We need to be more careful about developing a single internet and coming to rely on it now because of it's *inexpensive* nature. Dare I say, leave the Internet be and come up with another solution to this data exchange issue, in the end redundancy is not in two internet connections, but two modes of connecting. I would prefer grandma have a faster connection, she has less time to spare. Let all the power users jump on the new technology as they are willing to adapt more easily.

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