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Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 23

You know things are bad when their stock price drops back to under $20, their COO quits, a whole new site Gab was created to fight their wildly biased censorship practice, and to solve the problem, they put the ban-hammer into overdrive.
Twitter's key shareholders include #3: Steve "Monkeyboy" Balmer, and #2: Saudi royal PrinceAlwaleed Bin Talal. Meanwhile buyout investors are not happy with what they see.

Comment Police are addicted to lazy investigative methods. (Score 1) 353

As soon as the first (legal) wire taps started yielding results, police have gotten lazier and increasingly addicted to doughnut-friendly investigation techniques.
Technology has caught up, plugged the phreaking and now wiretapping holes. Lazy investigators should be following suspects, working leads, and building cases, not whining about the technology.
Bad guys aren't caught by peppering the entire world with script kiddie cracking vulnerabilities.
Do your job.

Comment Re:Apple committing slow suicide, Tim Cook assisti (Score 1, Interesting) 217

The fact that Apple is still selling apple products in UK is testament to Tim Cook's more even keel.

How easily you forget the Steve that swore to use Apple's entire cash cache (ha!) to destroy Google. Steve's solution might well have been to pay applicable fines, pull ALL iOS products from the UK, write an open letter to the judge and let public pressure roast the responsible magistrates alive.

Like it or not, Apple IS the big kid in the playground, and they DO make excellent products that generates enormous public demand. Steve repeatedly used that demand like heavy artillery, I don't think he'd hesitate to do so with the little island off the coast of Europe.

The bottom line is that the UK (through consumer demand) needs Apple far more than Apple needs the UK market.

Comment Re:So he hasn't learned a thing. (Score 1) 576

I've got an MBA, it's a very useful degree if you actually learn from it- most holders of the degree don't. The education itself can be gained by learning stats, financial statements, and reading a handful of well-chosen business case studies (avoid those Harvard writes, it's a brand now, no real education).

Generally a (real) MBA is all about minimax efficiency, and making good decisions with imperfect information; values most geeks/engineers hold dear. Poor MBA'ing just like poor engineering is vile.

(I also did half a JD before hating the toxic, simplistic, reductionist thought process so much I couldn't stand it any longer. Disgusting parasites, lawyers.)


Submission + - Creepy Flo from Progressive Wants to Monitor Your (

quibbler writes: "Progressive Insurance now offers "Snapshot" BigBrother monitoring for your car's diagnostic port. It's voluntary (for now), doesn't care where you go (for now), only how you drive (for now), and can only decrease your rates (for now). It's cute technology, but I find the myriad of slippery slopes here as creepy as flo herself (and her sister, the delta girl)."

Comment You're going to find that rather difficult. (Score 0, Flamebait) 351

...without your manned launch ability.

I think it's funny how much touting of past success and distant future goals the present administration seems to do after dismantling the US manned space program by executive order. (Rushed out days before congress could vote on emergency funding.)

Comment End of an era... (Score 1) 520

As a user of Photoshop since 2.0 on the Mac, a user of most of Adobe's other products since they were owned by other companies I might offer a bit of a different take on this:

Adobe used to be a valued partner both in business and spirit for Apple. Both companies grew. Apple maintained much of its entrepreneurial spirit. Adobe didn't. Since the early days, Apple has transformed numerous times in numerous ways. Apple's newest direction indeed takes it more towards broad consumer 'data ubiquity' devices much like what Ford's did with cars. That doesn't mean they are abandoning the Mac "truck" (to use Steve's analogy) line, but that line is mature.

In the same time, Adobe has done about a millimeter beyond porting their software to different architectures and platforms. I've watched them do nothing year after year. I like the heal brush, and I use it occasionally. I like the increased integration of pdf/illustrator. To be fair, InDesign is nice, but largely unrealized and unpolished. Is that 15 years of development? When Adobe was a bright star, the applications were written by teams in the 2-digit range. Adobe has adopted the Microsoft 4-digit development team strategy, and it shows. Watching Adobe's fit about Apple's (good) decision regarding flash was simply sad to watch, and I knew how bad things must be in SanJose.

Today, I dread launching any Adobe product, especially on anything less than a 8-core Mac Pro. I use it when I must because its the mortar between the bricks.

What Adobe doesn't understand is that today, to write a Photoshop killer, an Illustrator killer, even an InDesign killer is possible and Adobe's monopoly stranglehold on the graphics industry has almost decayed completely from a technical point of view. If the merger happened today, I'm afraid Apple would have (superior) replacements available quickly. I look forward to these. People will migrate easily, and then the inevitable; some Windows-users will actually switch just to get them, and Apple gets stronger. (If this seems like a fanboy fantasy look into the history of Safari/webkit, Final Cut Pro, and Aperture.)

I already miss the old Adobe, I won't miss the current husk that it is now.

Suggestion to Adobe: instead of merging with another bloatware company, consider focusing on efficiency, hiring some imaging-technology innovators and axing the old guard.

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