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Comment Re:Makes good sense (Score 1) 271

Heh. But I gotta say (to do the "other way around" thing that sznupi did), what I meant is that the model "evolution" is not contradicted by this data point. You have noted that many other (not observed) data points would also not contradict. But there are many things that the model would not "explain"...anything that contradicted it, in fact (like a species not responding to selective pressure over many generations). I'm just noting that this is another point that fits right on the line. That's all. :)

Comment why so down on math? (Score 2, Insightful) 502

So if Mozart et all turn out to be brilliant, intuitive mathematicians, where's the shame? I TA a math class at a university, and during a test a week or so ago, I was struck by the insanity of the power of the TI's EVERYONE had on their desks. (Yeah, they get to use TI's.) When the far out becomes a given, we go further.

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