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Comment Re: Correcting myself (Score 1) 727

While the issue varies from state to state and is very fact specific, holding yourself out as a doctor and providing medical advice to an individual may very well be considered engaging in the practice of medicine, which appears to be illegal in every state unless you're practicing within the scope of an appropriate professional license.


In Oregon, the relevant statutes are ORS 677.080(4), ORS 677.085(1) and (4), and ORS 677.990.

Comment Re:Because it is profitable to do so (Score 1) 575

Did those people actually get more than $1,350 per seat? It sounds like they asked for me but the airline stood firm. But yeah, I'm not sure who would actually make any effort to police airlines who offer more money (if, indeed, that statute creates a ceiling above which airlines are not supposed to go). Certainly not the passengers. And I can't think the FAA would crack down.

Comment Re:fire Fire FIRE! (Score 2) 101

You can still get fakes if the order is fulfilled by Amazon, at least for some products. Affiliates who sign up for their "Fulfilled by Amazon" program can inject fakes into process if they have the same UPC as products purchased and sold by Amazon itself because they might all be comingled in the warehouse. I read somewhere (can't find the article right now) that these third parties are supposed to slap a sticker on their product identifying who was responsible for putting the specific item into the mixed inventory. So if your phone battery explodes, you might know which fly-by-night counterfeiter to blame (assuming you saved the packaging). Here's an article about the problem:


Comment Re:Musical Taste can expand. (Score 1) 361

Same here. I'm 45 and as far as I can recall, the music I've always been the most passionate about is stuff I heard for the first time within the prior five or so years (currently a lot of Flogging Molly, Frank Turner, Gogol Bordello, and Authority Zero). I still have a fondness for classic rock on occasion, but I don't understand how some of my contemporaries can listen exclusively to the local classic rock radio station year in and year out. Freebird!!!!

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