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Journal queenofthe1ring's Journal: 3rd attempt: ramble on 13

So this is my third attempt to write something in here today. Going to try to make this one stick. I'm so out of the practice of journaling I never seem to know quite what to write.

Health-wise, things are so-so. Have had 2 appointments with specialist #2. First one, he gave me a prescription that worked really great for about 5 days, and then basically cut out on the 8th day. Not surprising, as I seem to be able to build up tolerances pretty quick. Side-effects abnormal. Second appointment led to a doubling of the dosage. Thus far it has just made me extremely tired. Fortunately the other side-effects have been less prevalent. We'll see how it works out.

My birthday is in 4 days. Not sure how I feel about that anymore. At first I felt old. Then I felt excited. Now I just feel stressed and/or ambivalent because I have to work out how to visit with relatives that I'd rather not visit who are insisting on seeing me for my birthday. I'd rather just keep things low-key, but one thing family is good at is making you worry about things.

Puppy is doing fairly well. She's more than doubled in size (getting closer to triple at this point). For a couple of weeks she was an absolute joy. Obedient, fun. Now she's reverted back to her more rambunctious self. Testing the rules and boundaries. She really makes me appreciate the demeanor of the dog we had when I was growing up a lot more. Of course, she could have been a hellion at this age too, and I just don't remember. Hopefully she'll settle down again soon.

Got the Essential Blender book in the mail yesterday. I am enjoying it so far, but haven't really made it to the procedural sections yet. I'm excited though, because it is more in depth and will cover a lot of things that I've heard people talk about but had no idea how to do it. Seems like it will be a good companion book to my Blender 2.0 manual. Going to try to rededicate myself to my Blender studies as my train kind of derailed earlier in the year.

[Note to self: message people about Blender.]

Still working on getting the house stuff arranged properly. Finally got my desk area set up a little better. Still need to do some cleaning off and finding of things, but it feels much better now. Also, as an added bonus, the area is much more Puppy-proof now. She can no longer stick her head behind my desk and lick the grating where the computer fan blows out. Still not entirely sure why she likes to do that.

Cold and rainy here today. This is an unwanted change from the warmer temperatures we had been enjoying again. Where I come from, this is winter weather. Here, however, this is just the beginning taunts of winter. Not looking forward to visits from Jack Frost. [Note to self: get good jacket out of Husband's car.]

In fangirl goodness: I got the most awesome Darth Vader action figure from walmart. The Legacy collection. Very poseable and his left hand is in the Grip position, which is what I had been waiting for, for years. He now perches on my desk ready to choke anyone who annoys me. Still looking for the perfect Wall-E toy. I want one that can fold all up into a box and have a flap open like his garbage dumper. Not sure they have both in the same toy.

Well, this has gotten pretty long, so I suppose I'll stop here for today. Plus I think it might be naptime now. Hooray for having a cold.

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3rd attempt: ramble on

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  • Keep that journal Rambling, Type on!
    (sung to the theme from Rawhide)

    Well at least your getting things down and have a plan for Blender. My own creativity is still largely unfulfilled. So I have, at least for the time being, just given up on it. Otherwise its a constant frustration of how little I accomplish. So, good for you for keeping plugging away;-)
    • Now that song is stuck in my head! That's ok though, you made me laugh. Laughing is good.

      I actually haven't gotten a whole lot done creatively this year. I spent a lot of time in the frustration at no accomplishment camp over the summer. Trying to pick it all back up now though, in preparation for the winter. Nanowrimo starts up again soon. I can't decide if I want to try again this year (with a different story, still writer's blocked on the one from last year). Maybe you could do that again? At

      • I would very much encourage you to try it again. I have been thinking of it, but the time commitment is pretty heavy. I also found out that I am going to be working on a trial starting early November which will always takes considerable time and energy. But it is rather tempting all the same...
        • Well, I went ahead and registered for Nanowrimo, even though I'm not sure I'll do it. I think I am just going to use it as a time to jump start my creative writing projects and not really worry about the 50k. At least it will be an outlet that way, and I won't have the serious stress like last year. You should do it to, you know you want to...

  • Sorry I don't have anything funny to say. "Rumplestilskin" is about the closest I can come.

    Thing to keep in mind re: rambunctiousness - key word: Puppy. But it'll take a few years. Just keep the training going.

    Stay warm. :)

    • Rumplestilskin is such a bizarre name. I remember when the librarian read us that book in story time. The pictures in that book were rather terrifying and gave me nightmares. It would be a pretty awesome cat name though. I'll have to keep that in mind in case my HSIL drops off one of her kittens (she has been desperately trying to find homes for them). Thanks for the idea.

      It isn't so much the rambunctiousness of Puppy that bothers me, as that she can quite easily get over-excited which makes her kin

      • Not snowing yet, but it sure has gotten cold this week!! :)

        • Omg, it got below freezing last night, with a high of 45 today. No me gusta. I'm officially boycotting winter now. The weirdest thing is that it will be almost 70 again here in a few days. Going to have to figure out how to weatherproof the house. All of the doors hang crooked so replacing the weatherstripping hasn't really done much.

  • One day after mine! Us libra's should stick together and keep b-days low key! :)
    • Happy birthday to you to (obviously belated at this point, sorry). I hope you had a good birthday too! Mine ended up being not as stressful as I anticipated, considering I did end up traveling to visit the relations. Actual birthday was quite low-key and fun. Husband even took a halfday at work to hang out with me and Puppy. :-)

  • On my end, back from Africa, and I started posting some photos []

    Oh, and boyfriend of tuxette is now husband of tuxette...

    Are you on facebook? ;-)
    • Congrats and best wishes on the marriage! That's really wonderful. I hope you have many more great adventures together!

      Thanks for linking the Africa pics. I'm loving them. Especially the elephant pictures. Elephants are my favorite "zoo animal". They are so beautiful in their natural habitat.

      And yes, techinically I am on facebook as I have an account there. I don't spend terrible much time on it anymore now that it has been app-ified and redesigned. Change = scary!

      • by tuxette ( 731067 ) *
        I'm glad you like the elephants. They are wonderful animals! After seeing them in the wild, I can't stand seeing them in zoos. In fact, it actually makes me so angry I start shaking...

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