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Comment Re:Confused report (Score 2) 55

Also, enriched uranium is a _TERRIBLE_ isotope for a dirty bomb.
Enriched uranium is more radioactive than natural uranium - but only in a ridiculously small amount, because instead of half decaying in 4 billion years, half decays in 700 million years.

Alexander_Litvinenko was poisoned by around 10 micrograms of Polonium-210.
In rough numbers, polonium-210 is two billion times more active than uranium-235.
To have the same dose equivalent of uranium, you'd need a 20 kilogram lump of uranium-235.
There is no real way to get any radioactive danger from uranium-235 unless you make it into a bomb, at any dose the chemical effects (broadly similar to lead) would vastly overwhelm the radioactive.

Comment Re:So the bureaucrats have solved all the problems (Score 1) 296

2030. That's 15 years. Or into 'mature autodrive' by reasonable progress.
Anyone claiming to make predictions out that far - through electric cars going up a hundredfoldish in volume - (35% growth) needs to have massive caveats on that.
Secondly - this is Europe.
With limited exceptions, it's very dense, and driving long distances is considerably more involved. (though see above autodrive comment).
The tesla model 3 can be driven from one end of the UK to the other in 4 fills - and journies that take two are going to be rare for the vast majority of consumers.
Also, if you can do solar and wind to recharge, you've greatly reduced your net imports of oil.

Comment Measles isn't a trivial disease, if you get it. (Score 1) 249

For every thousand people that catch it, the more serious symptoms during the course of the infection are:
60 people with pneumonia, probably requiring hospital treatment.
6 people having seizures.
2 dying.
(rarer complications include SSPE - where your brain shuts down for no well understood reason and you die 1-7 years later, at a rate of about 20 per 100000 cases).
Measles during pregnancy leads to a higher risk of spontaneous abortion.

In the last large outbreak in the USA, 11000 were hospitalised, and 123 died. (1991)

Comment Re:When you're dead... (Score 1) 233

Could is not would.
The majority of 'good' drivers could perform better than the 'AI' on a good day, when they are paying attention.
I note that significantly more than 50% of people think they are good drivers.
Problems happen mainly due to misjudging risks.
'Oh - I'm tired, as it's 5:30 on a friday and I've got another hour to go, I better take that energy drink'.
-> drink spills due to the cap being hard to get off, and driver is distracted for 3 seconds and...
Good drivers may be good drivers most of the time.
Not all of the time.

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 1) 629

I was commenting on the 'They could tell the difference between an innocent stumble and tell-tale signs of neuromuscular disorders.'.

There are several issues here.
A) apparantly partisan source - I have not checked the allegations earlier in the thread.
B) If she in fact has something that looks parkinson-like on the surface, but is in fact quite treatable with no meaningful long-term deterioration.
C) If the people polled were actually expert enough to tell anything meaningful about her condition.

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 1) 629

'A trained observer' - well - perhaps.
There is a truly massive difference between casual observations of physicians who have had no specific experience of a disease, and ones who deal with it daily.
For many conditions, general practitioners do not have much greater 'feel' for if you have something than the general public.

Quoting from https://www.researchgate.net/p...
" Two parkinsons patients were under the care of each GP.
Only 33 percent of GPs were aware of atypical features in early parkinsons disease.
  If the early atypical feature was one that may occur in late-stage PD, the GPs' awareness was even lower at 19 percent.
32 percent of GPs were unable to provide any alternative diagnosis to parkinsonism.
This survey suggests a poor level of awareness among Singapore GPs on the identification and presence of alternative parkinsonian conditions."

(25% of patients with 'parkinsons' may in fact have other, treatable conditions.)
If your average GP has 2 patients with a condition, they may know very, very little about it other than the briefest outline.

Comment Re:URL is also known (Score 2) 299

It depends on the terms of the search warrant, and why it was obtained.
I can't find online details of the warrants in question.
If the warrants were 'you can toss the place looking for porn' - based on other credible evidence then great - no problem.
It seems unlikely on its face in this case that parallel construction was directly involved in the finding of the USB drive.
(unless the warrant did not give them permission to toss the place, and they in fact did).

It is an unusually great method of getting beyond the iniital bar of 'reasonable suspicion' if the officer has facts that he cannot rely on in court (for example, from extra-legal surveilance methods), if you can get (or claim) the dog indicated on the suspects vehicle, or ...

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