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Comment Re:For added fun. (Score 2) 133

P2P ad-hoc doesn't really work. Mesh has various spectral problems - there isn't enough free legal spectrum.
In addition, without a central operator, everyone has the opportunity to cheat, and use more of the bandwidth for their traffic than is fair.
This, and bottlenecking due to random distribution of nodes means it basically can't work unless the P2P/mesh is over a very short distance of a few nodes only and it then hops off to the 'proper' internet.

Comment For added fun. (Score 5, Insightful) 133

The term used 'relevant provider' - if you dig through the definitions is only defined as 'a person who provides a postal or telecommunications service' - which is broad enough to cover basically anything from someone running a wifi hotspot on to a massive ISP.
It can also plausibly be read as software vendors - including open source ones resident in the UK (or for who it is considered reasonable to compel even though they are outside the uk).
This is UK primary legislation - it has theoretically been scrutinised by both houses of parliament.
The actual enabling secondary legislation - that specifies how all this works and lets us understand how bad it is will just go through on the nod.

Comment Re:And everyone's fuel mileage goes down. (Score 5, Insightful) 351

The total amount of fossil fuels needed to produce one gallon of ethanol is (counting everything, like fertiliser, cultivation, water provision, ...) is quite close indeed to one gallon. Increasing the amount of renewables without specifying total efficiency is simply and purely a subsidy giveaway to farmers and with only negative consequences to the environment. - chinese paper.

Comment Re:New Tesla Model S60D owner here (Score 1) 145

'The impact of the crash disintegrated the car, leaving a debris field over 150 yards long.' - that is a very, very high speed impact. - is not clear as to numbers - perhaps around 10% of frontal impacts, and more high speed impacts - lead to fires in conventional vehicles.

Plus - you can't disconnect crash safety, and post crash performance. If I have a car that never catches fire, but always kills the occupants, it's not better than one that catches fire, and the occupants rarely die.

Comment Re:The high price of Ignorance (Score 1) 540

Minimum wage is an easy thing to shout at.
It may kick off automation several years early, but it doesn't triple labour costs.
If your employee costs 1/3 of a robots purchase price per year, minimum wage pushing that to half might or might not cause you to get a robot.
In five years, when the robot costs a third of what it does now due to a few thousand of them being installed, the difference between 1/3 and 1/2 is not meaningful.
Unless the buisnes is either unusually principled, or compelled to keep the labour on, they're buying a robot, minimum wage or no.

Comment Slowing isn't enough - with a graph. (Score 4, Informative) 201 contains the graph

This shows the rise in the CO2 level in the atmosphere over the last 5 years.
For over a year now, it's been over 400ppm, and the rise in 2015-16, over the same period the year before has been the largest this past year than any time in the last five years.

Comment Re:GPL Bullet-Points (Score 0) 176

In short - if you use GPL code (neglecting LGPL for the moment) in your project, then your project needs to be GPL if you are going to distribute it.

You can quite legitimately take GPL code, and modify it to your hearts content and then run it on your own servers and never sell it, with no requirements to do anything special at all.

However - if you distribute the binary resultant from your code, you need to also make available the whole source, including your additions and you cannot add further restrictions that stop people from copying your code.
If you attempt to add further restrictions, or do not supply the source, then you do not have a valid licence to use the GPLd code, and can be pursued for copyright infringement

(this code strictly only has to be supplied to people who you give the binary to).

Comment Re:Confused report (Score 2) 55

Also, enriched uranium is a _TERRIBLE_ isotope for a dirty bomb.
Enriched uranium is more radioactive than natural uranium - but only in a ridiculously small amount, because instead of half decaying in 4 billion years, half decays in 700 million years.

Alexander_Litvinenko was poisoned by around 10 micrograms of Polonium-210.
In rough numbers, polonium-210 is two billion times more active than uranium-235.
To have the same dose equivalent of uranium, you'd need a 20 kilogram lump of uranium-235.
There is no real way to get any radioactive danger from uranium-235 unless you make it into a bomb, at any dose the chemical effects (broadly similar to lead) would vastly overwhelm the radioactive.

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