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Comment Re:Youtube Comments (Score 2) 238

Actually this probably means that people will use youtube again.
It was a pain to set up an alias to comment or upload a video - even when you had an alias, it would keep prompting you to pick between them all the time. And if you chose to not log-in to a google account while using youtube, your search results changed and you could not create playlists (earlier you had a seperate youtube account on which you could create playlists). I like to watch british version of top gear, so I would often create playlists of those on youtube and then watch it on my internet connected TV. Now that I have to use a trace-able account, I no longer do - I don't want cable companies tracking my account and banning it permanently. Clearly, people who watch copyrighted content is not youtube's target audience, but I think there are many other scenarios where youtube-google tie-up is bad.

Submission + - Google shutting down Orkut (

quarterbuck writes: Google is shutting down its 10 year old social network Orkut . It was more popular outside the US than in US and was at a point the most popular website in India and Brazil. By 2012 Facebook had overtaken Orkut pretty much everywhere.
Google is allowing the users to take their data out, but the discussions are being shut down.

Comment Re:The same way many global warming papers got pub (Score 1) 109

The biggest difference is that science accepts it's lumps and corrects them.

Yes but... Science has bigger problems correcting them, and takes much longer to do so, when political and financial pressure tempt people to look the other way. Scientists are people too.

Beg to differ. go to retraction

As far as I can tell, there is no correction mechanism for politically based incorrect assumptions. Just as example - the job creator myth. It's still cited as gospel by many, while the evidence is clear it doesn't create jobs.

You are making the error in assuming that Economics or Finance is a science. It is called a social science , but it doesnt' work like one. People make assumptions and then form theories. The assumptions like "General Equilibrium Model" or "Rational Markets" are normative rather than what actually see to be the practice in the world. Then based on these assumptions theories are formed. These theories cannot be falsified because experiments are notoriously difficult to set up (you need entire countries) and even if a set-up is made there are 10 other possible hypothesis that explains the results.
Economics is like trying to explain ocean currents without using wave mechanics or Newtons laws.

Comment Re:Not the data I was looking for... (Score 1) 148

Full time salaried job versus burger flipper
A lot of policemen, career military, plumbers,firemen,sanitation workers,postmen/women,secretaries, dentists assistants etc. too. Some of these fields pay pretty well. The Burger flipper vs salaried job difference is easy to calculate($10 an hour vs $20+ an hour), but high school vs college does need a paper.

Comment Re:Russia to Lithuania? (Score 4, Informative) 81

It was being used to smuggle cigarettes into Lithuania by gangs operating in both countries, though the police claim that was not the only thing that was being smuggled.
More details and pics are in an Ars article . Seems pretty nifty, small gasoline engine, has all the control surfaces (rudders, ailerons etc.) , camera and an automatic GPS controlled route (making it a true autonomous drone rather than a remote controlled airplane).

Comment Re:Please... (Score 1) 93

Do you work for Google ? In that case here is my complaint in specific.
Well I have a "page" already because I had a youtube account which had a different name and I got grandfathered in. So now everytime I even visit youtube, I get asked "do you want to browse as RealName or this nonRealName?" ",Are you sure you did not change your mind?". And everytime I try to comment on a video (usually trying to help with peoples tech annoyances) it asks me "Do you want to post it to your Google+"? .
This is a hundred times more difficult when I try to use the new "Google Hangouts" from my mobile phone - it always gets confused what I should have as my profile pic. Why is it so difficult for Google to know that a pic I use to chat with my friends is not the one I want to have when I use gmail (because there is work related stuff there), which is different from what I want on Google+ (which has people who are more aquaintances than people I would video chat with)? Why does google keep trying to import people from my mail into my old grandcentral account (which became google voice) ? I use that account on Google voice to buy stuff on craigslist (I worry about spammers/con artists) -why would I want to mix up my family/friends with those people or vice versa ?

Comment Re:The customer always pays (Score 1) 248

The effect you describe are correct, but the intermediate steps will be different in my opinion.
If I follow what you say , Customers pay more, Cable companies become more profitable and internet companies pass on the cost and remain about the same in terms of profitability.
The situation will probably be worse. All the larger companies (established ones) will be able to pay (And probably not take a serious hit). Any new entrants will find it a barrier. So will any non-US website. So, other than Netflix,Hulu and Amazon, the market will have no movie streaming business. Youtube will be free from tiny competitors. Facebook and Google+ will have no alternatives. There will be one or two streaming music companies (not 10 or 15 as today). As a result, they will be able to charge you monopoly profits. So the actual results will probably be that established internet companies become more profitable, innovative start-ups die, consumers pay more and cable companies collect more. This is a far worse outcome for US innovation than what you describe.
Actually what surprises me is that Google actually supported net neutrality. Traffic shaping would actually allow them (through these bribes) to kill all competitors. Just pay Comcast a large enough amount and they will gladly throttle anyone else to death.

Comment Re:Please... (Score 4, Insightful) 93

Well, they'd have to fix the real name policy and allow it to be separate from youtube/gmail etc.
I don't want all my gmail contacts getting notified through Google+ that watzinaneihm liked the latest pop video on youtube.
I don't think I do that many controversial things, but after what happened to the Mozilla CEO, I realize that what is acceptable in the future has no relation to how it is perceived today. I am not saying that donation to anti-gay-marriage was ever right, but I don't think doing what the president of the country was doing at that time was a fire-able offense either.

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