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Comment NVMe is awesome (Score 2) 161

I've just bought an NVMe m.2 drive for my new desktop, I was blown away by how fast it is.

It's tiny and super fast - just what a laptop wants too. Looks like a memory stick (well, it is a memory stick!).

Clocks over 2000 Mb/s easily (once I changed from default drivers).

I assume their heat/power profile is better too?


Comment Already here in London (Score 1) 239

In London (and lots of the UK I believe), most of my packages are sent by Amazon Logistics.

All Prime deliveries that aren't bulky seem to come through them. Large items still use normal courier firms, or if it isn't an Amazon sold item.

About half the time I'd get a better experience with Royal Mail..

Amazon Logistics is run like Uber - random drivers sign up, go fill their car with packages, and then drop them off on the day. You get no surety as to the time (7am-10pm is the helpful window they give you). Mine have mostly come 5-7pm. The courier firms will often have an app that will give me notifications, or sms me a one hour delivery window, which is a much much better experience.

Luckily there is an Amazon Parcel Point box just next to me, so I've been able to switch most things that would come via Amazon Logistics to there.

With all that said, this is the Amazon/Bezos model. Launch it fast, get it out there, see if it can work in a city or two. Then they scale at unbelievable speed, while continuing to iterate on the product, improving it slowly but surely, or just killing it early and walking away. Bezos has big picture, long term planning, for most everything he does.

I'm always discovering new Amazon services, AmazonFresh (which is launching meal kits like everyone else now), Prime Now (now also delivering from restaurants), Amazon Pantry, Amazon Tickets (West End or Broadway show tickets - only just discovered this the other day!), etc.


Comment Re:Supreme Court = High Court (Score 1) 129

You're wrong, sorry to say :)

Yes, in 1912 it did - but until the Statute of Westminster we were essentially not independent and cases this far back on these issues have little relevance today. By pre-dating the Australia Acts I meant the Privy Council (Limitation of Appeals) Act 1968 & the Privy Council (Appeals from the High Court) Act 1975 - which closed it off as an avenue from the High Court (except in a particular circumstance that the UK Parliament closed off when they passed their own Australia Act stopping the States going to the Privy Council).

The legislative effect of these was that you must have a certificate of the High Court to go to the Privy Council and the High Court will not grant one. s74 may as well be void.


Comment Re:Good.... (Score 3, Interesting) 129

> The supreme court is the highest court in each state

This is only sort of true (at least in NSW, but I assume elsewhere too?).

You can appeal a decision of the NSW Supreme Court to the NSW Court of Appeal. However, the Court of Appeal is a branch of the Supreme Court in the they're established.

Many corporate issues, trade practices and IR cases are also heard in State courts. It depends on the case in point .. (the NSW Dept of Fair Trading for instance, brings its cases in NSW. Many companies sue each other over contractual disputes in the state courts etc.)


Comment Supreme Court = High Court (Score 5, Informative) 129

Apple have sought leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia, Australia's highest court. So it's like the Supreme Court in the US - there are no appeals beyond that, and they get to pick and choose what cases they take, so there is little certainty Apple will get anywhere appealing now.

(The Supreme Court usage in the summary is misleading to Australians because Supreme Courts here are State-based courts.)

This is a good ruling I think. You could readily buy the 10.1 here online (ebay etc) and have it shipped to you - cheaper than you'd pay a local retailer too. If there is merit to Apple's case they'll be able to get damages down the line for the patent infringement.


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