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Comment Solution is very simple: key mapper (Score 1) 523

The solution is very simple: use a keymapper. I map my Caps Lock to Escape. I use Karabiner for macOS. And better yet, recently the Japanese developer Takayama Fumihiko open sourced it:

For many years, he has been maintaining Karabiner, and with every update to OS X/macOS, he was ready with a new version to support the new OS. It's astounding, really. Every year, I donate because it's worth it to me:

Comment Doesn't seem to be about offline (Score 1) 168

The article doesn't seem to be about offline so much as not working. FTFA:

For me, this means abstaining from work and, in the deepest sense, simply resting

Now this guy owns a business. I can see that it'd be hard to not work. I own a business myself, and when starting, I was dumb enough to take on fixed-price projects. Combined with partly outsourcing to India, you can imagine I worked weekends.

However when I stopped doing those projects and only did on-site (billed per hour) work, I had a real weekend.

Comment Re:For limited values of 'you'. (Score 1) 172

Hooray! A security feature exclusive to Windows 10 Enterprise customers. That will substantially cut down on the actual difference this makes.

Actually that could influence a lot of Slashdot readers. There's plenty of slashdotters working for the man, because that's where a lot of interesting jobs are. Unfortunately, Microsoft not giving an API for sandboxing will probably mean that these slashdotters will have to use Edge, because lots of Windows sysadmins will outlaw other browsers besides Edge :-(

Comment Very easy transition (Score 2) 148

I'm working on a small mixed Objective-C/Swift project. The API was provided, and is in Objective-C so no changes there. The UI code (i.e. all view controllers) are all in Swift, and consist of about ~30 classes. Moving from Swift 2.3 to 3 was quite easy with the migration tool, and took me about two hours.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 125

I can usually push and manage to get something installed, but typically I don't want to do that.

Exactly. This is also the reason I started using vi. I've never used a Unix system that didn't have it installed. You typically want to save sysadmin time for something really important.

Comment Re: Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

Well, she's dead now. She reached a point where the suffering had gone on so long that she felt putting a rope around her neck and strangling herself until her vision went black and she shit her own pants.

But hey, at least you know the shameful history of a woman you have never met on the other side of the world.

Priorities, right?

Comment Re: Bravo indeed (Score 3, Insightful) 424

People have feelings. They make mistakes, then change in response to those mistakes. The horrible thing about this is, she was actively prevented from growth by people who wanted to freeze her identity at a moment in her development which caused her pain, and force her to writhe there, suffering, for the rest of her life.

You can make all the comments you want about openness and transparency and accountability, and they may have merit, but that doesn't change the fact that this woman genuinely grew past the point where these videos accurately reflected her as a human being, she tried to communicate that, no one would listen, so she killed herself. The people didn't have a greater understanding, they had a misunderstanding which could not be corrected, and we lost her and everything she had to offer as a consequence.

I can relate. I wish I'd hung myself instead of trying to overdose, I might be enjoying her peace.

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