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Submission + - Firefox 4 RC Vs. IE9 RC: The First Duel (

An anonymous reader writes: Firefox 4 vs. IE9 is going to be an epic battle in a reigniting browser war in which Microsoft wants its IE to be seen as a capable browser again. Mozilla struggled to keep the pace with Chrome and IE9, but is about to release the first release candidate, which is expected to be the final version of Firefox as well. This first review of JavaScript, Flash and HTML5 tests seems to indicate that both browsers are about even at the bottom line, while Firefox has the JavaScript edge and IE is ahead in HTML5 performance.

Submission + - U.S. Air Force Launches Secret Flying Twinkie (

Spectrummag writes: One of the most secretive U.S. Air Force spaceflights in decades, launched this month, is keeping aficionados guessing as to the nature of the secret. The 6000-kilogram, 8-meter X-37B, nicknamed the flying Twinkie because of its stubby-winged shape, is supposed to orbit Earth for several weeks, maneuver in orbit, then glide home. What’s it for? Space expert James Oberg tracks the possibilities.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Who is the Best Registrar? (take 3)

An anonymous reader writes: It has been many, many moons since a good registrar debate has been on the frontpage.

My wife has finally gotten into the 21st century, and wants me to grab a domain & set up a website for our personal use. Back in the day, squatters were a huge problem, godaddy would snipe your searches and grab the domain name you wanted before you could get to it and try to extort it from you, etc etc.

SO, how's the registrar field looking nowadays? Are the Great Old Ones (like, for instance, NETSOL) still worth the extra money for better tools/UI/service/etc? Or are we better off just going with the cheapest?

Submission + - Your location data, government access and privacy 1

pcause writes: The Department of Justice doesn't think it needs a warrant to get access to your location data. I know everyone's first reaction is outrage but most of you with a smartphone and applications are sharing your location data with random apps so they can feed you ads, providing it to Google for maps and search, Foursquare for check ins and much more. Why in the world would anyone who shares their application data so widely have any expectation of privacy of the data or, for that matter, privacy at all?

We all hate Big Brother, but maybe the biggest threat to our privacy comes not from the government but from ourselves and the unregulated commercial entities we give access to all of this data without ever reading the TOS, or really having a clue what those folks can and will do with the data.

Submission + - Starcraft II Beta to Begin This Month (

mrxak writes: It's official, Activision Blizzard's much-anticipated sequel to 12-year-old Starcraft is going to enter closed beta "this month" according to President Mike Morhaime during an investor conference call. This comes in the wake of the SC2 beta forums showing up briefly on If you've got a account, it's probably not too late to opt-in for upcoming Blizzard beta tests.

Submission + - NVIDIA Optimus Notebook Graphics Unveiled (

Ninjakicks writes: In an ideal implementation, switchable notebook graphics should be seamless to the end user. Launch an application that doesn't require significant graphics resources and integrated chipset graphics are enabled. Likewise, fire up a game and the discrete GPU should just kick in. Up to this point, a scenario like this simply wasn't available without a hard switch over and possible reboot. However, NVIDIA aims to change that with the release of their Optimus technology. Essentially, with Optimus, the NVIDIA GPU has a copy engine on board with a sole purpose of sending frame buffer info to the integrated graphics core for output to the display. This coupling of the two graphics engines negates the need to stall either engine in the switch-over process and allows more seamless switching on the fly, as you can see in this demo. Average power consumption is also reduced nicely, though there is no loss in performance whatsoever.

Submission + - 2010: Finally the Year of the Mac? (

snydeq writes: "With Mac sales outperforming PC sales five years in a row, InfoWorld's Galen Gruman questions whether 2010 will finally see the Mac grow beyond its niche to become a mainstream choice for individuals and businesses alike. 'With a few exceptions, the Mac is a better computer than a Windows PC. Users like it, as do developers and even many IT pros. Apple has done much to increase its fit in a Windows-dominated world, and the rise of browser-based apps and desktop virtualization software has eased the Mac's ability to fit into business environments,' Gruman writes. 'But the Mac is still not interchangeable with PCs, unless you simply use them as Windows PCs — in which case, why bother with the Mac?' At issue may be the Mac's prospects at being used as a default PC platform, as Microsoft has been masterful at owning the core communication and productivity infrastructure in business, keeping the Mac at arm's length. In the end, despite room for growth, the fundamental power balance remains very much weighted to Windows. 'Some significant transformation must occur for that balance to change enough to enable Mac business adoption to rise above 20 percent,' Gruman writes. 'The cloud revolution? Desktop virtualization? Some secret Apple technology in the works?'"
The Military

Submission + - Boeing 747-8 Finally Takes Off (

Rubicks13 writes: Pilots Mark Feuerstein and Tom Imrich marched through their check off list so efficiently that they brought the first 747-8 in early on its debut flight and pronounced that it handles just like its predecessors.

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