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Comment Re:Resume (Score 1) 249

Ha! That's exactly what I did. After years of "salaried" service of an increasingly complex network of systems and high-turnover untrained end-users, which included constant after hours responses due to poor company decisions related to those systems. That coupled with an expectation for 24x7x365 operations and a 15 minute response on non-redundant and no backup powered systems, or internal end-user support for multiple time-zones and shifts. And a constant threat from management that I could be replaced at a moments notice.

Comment Re:Does Verizon FiOS do it? (Score 1) 243

For a U.S. citizen it's jail time. This is what the Hutaree militia will get for conspiring to commit rebellion against the government. Remain content that the information your ISP provides you is accurate and chosen to fit your interest profile.

Comment Do you smell an Abuser? (Score 1) 162

I'm a forward thinking person using technology that I purchase for my own benefit and that of my ISP, who takes my money in exchange for internet access. Yet, I'm labeled an ABUSER by the company that sells me this service. It's Comtastic's super-dooper faster than a liquid pooper service and I like to stream (no pun intended) LEGAL music and video services that compete with my internet service provider. Yep, I like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, you name it and I game it, as long as its legal and less expensive than the diarrheal service offered by my ISP.

Comment Human Capital (Score 1) 262

My experience interviewing in the recent job market is that HR is now HC, or Human Captial. As I was told by the last young lady who corrected me when I mistakenly called her department HR instead of HC: "it is a modernization change that will allow the organization to better measure the output of each individual resource at all levels." I declined a second interview when she wasn't able to provide the metrics under which I was going to be evaluated as a resource because the new changes were still being implemented and refined.

Comment Thinner and lighter yet (Score 1) 194

In another story, a new company designed a notebook call the "airgo". They claim that the $67,000US "airgo" is as thin as 2 pieces of notebook paper and weighs even less than 2 sheets of tissue paper. Unfortunately, their only demonstration model blew away during the unveiling when unfolded in 40MPH winds. It was never recovered. Even worse, company officials say that their design plans were stored on the device.

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