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Comment Re:Sorry to those in the religion of Einsteinianis (Score 1) 276

Yep, you nailed it. That way you can have a wave propagate it's phase faster than light. The tunnel effect experiments I have seen all relate to this phase velocity. And really nothing new. A wave propagating in a gold or silver film will also see the real part of the refractive index being lower than one, and thus go faster than C. However, information can not go faster than light. The article mentioned here, is just a case of successful scientific advertising. It looks good, sounds good but really nothing new.

Comment Maybe not so great (Score 1) 65

So, the sample must sit on a very narrow area on the plate with the diffuser. Mah looks like we did not break free from the real limitations then. If we could do this in the middle of a cell, that may be something. The point they make is that you can use this diffuser as a - perfect- lens because one can compensate the phase distortion really well. The image they get is in resolution close to the theoretical wave limit. The surprise is that this works better than the classical approach of making optics: trying to fight off spherical aberration by making good multi-element lenses. So, nice job compensating. But that's it The sample still needs to sit on a small confined are on their plate. There are other techniques that will show the sample with visible light with way more resolution, in particular Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy will go down to a few nm! So, in my opinion nice work, good prank, but way way over sold. This would have done nice in optics express but seems out of place in Phys Ref letters.

Submission + - What do you use to monitor employee PC use? 1

richaemry writes: I manage the network for a small manufacturing company, and we have an employee we believe to be misusing his company PC. What would be the best software to monitor his PC use i.e. key logging website tracking, and IM logging. I know I could just block facebook and myspace and the IM protocols from the server, but we actually conduct business through all of those avenues, so that is not an option. We are OSS friendly, but that is not a requirement. We are a small company, so dirt cheap or free is a requirement. What I really need is to know what this employee is doing on his PC instead of getting his work done so we can confront him about it. This employee works in a remote are of the machine shop so we cannot just go back there either. When we do go back to get a status report we hear the clicking of his closing windows as fast as he can. What software would you recommend for us to use on this one computer. Our setup is WIN 2000/XP and Server 2003. All of our computers are Intel P4s with Nvidia 7300GT GPUs and 1GB ddr2 RAM except in the art depart ment where we have Athlon II x4s ATI 4850s and 3 GB DDR3. This employee's PC is WIN XP P4 7300GT 1GB DDR2.

Comment Re:does this mean war? (Score 1) 209

OK vaderlanders, het is nu tijd om ten stijde te trekken en dat stelltje eilandbewoners een flink pak slaag te geven! Oranje boven, maar laten we eerst even lekker een pintje pakken. The text above is a call in Dutch to go kick all your American asses, after we had a nice beer that is!

Comment Re:Come on GM, at least make the lie BELIEVABLE (Score 1) 1006

I agree completely. The number 230 is complete and utter Hogwash. What I would like to know as a consumer how well does this car work on gas, and how well on electric charge. Hey the electricity also costs money too, to make it they use fuel, etc! Just more of the bad old GM stuff we all have learned to hate so much (think of the CAFE agreement/program which was complete bull too). Now for the good part, the Volt may be a very nice car, it's a kind of a Prius with a wall plug, I get it. I even may want to have one, but how will I ever find out now the smoke and mirrors have been put up. Bad job GM!

Comment Irrelevant. (Score 1) 301

I did not use the Yahoo search engine, actually I don't know why. I tried to use Bing but it is very aggressive in promoting commercial sites, annoying. Did like the video search demo though. Too bad I never search for videos. So what do I care that one engine I don't use gets replaced with an other one I don't use either? Tell me something I do care about...

Comment The war is on! (Score 1) 125

Now Google came out with their free OS with browser MS is striking back. They will now retaliate with their own free OS and browser system. MS is so competitive, they can not loose, they will dominate the free market, if necessary by bribing their way in. You may have vacuum on your head, but we have more vacuum in our heads.

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