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Comment Hey, I used to work there! (Score 1) 209

Interestingly enough, I know which company you work for and I used to work for them at what used to be the residential headquarters. In truth, you're going to find that, at least from my past experience, they've already made up their minds and anything you bring to the table isn't going to have any attention paid to it until long after something catastrophic fails and leaves you without a backup. What I had wanted to do, and what local staff had always wanted to do, was bring everything back in house on the local data centers so that production never stopped when the outside links went down; we were ignored. I do wish you the best of luck in this endeavor though, i mainly only commented because I know what you're going through first hand.

Comment Re:I would be very concerned (Score 1) 532

Ever stop and wonder if your mobile phone might interfere with a car's electronics causing the breaks to lock at an inopportune moment? Can you guarantee with absolute certainty that this can't happen?

Yes, yes i can. All of my vehicles were built before the government mandated nanny system explosion, so my brakes are tied directly to driver input, not some resistor and relay switch.

Comment Re:Welcome to 1994... (Score 1) 179

my 'real' enterprise uses LEAP based authentication with a hidden SSID, the leap login is based on your AD username and password, and it ties directly into the local network without VPN. so, clearly, while this is an exceptionally shitty method of doing things, 'real' enterprises do stupid shit, though in one instance we have here at least, there isn't a better way, or, not much of a better way. I'd go WPA, but it's not my call, and not my network, i just fix it when it breaks.

Comment Re:Real enterprises very cautious with WiFi. (Score 1) 179

You think all the switch ports are on? You think they will talk to just any mac address? You think the IDS will not notice your ARP poisoning?

Sure wired networks are a risk and there are ways around what I mentioned, but you are clearly talking about the follys of Windows Operators. Please do not call those folks System administrators.

Windows/AD based networks are just as legitimate as any other, the System administrators are just as legitimate as any other, and as soon as you put aside your arrogance, you'll realize that most businesses run windows on their office machines, and AD to manage logins. That said, my place of employment is an international corporation, so, we qualify as Real Enterprise, and the switches have no down-ports, so the 'walk in, plug in, profit' method would work just fine. i'm not in charge of the network, so it's not my problem, but i still recognize the potential flaws in the system.

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