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Comment Re:Ca subject name? (Score 1) 152


No, I just scanned through it looking for hints on what the ca subject might be. Now I have however and I have to admit it still isn't clear to me from the article that this is not a common ca or whatever we should call them.

Submission + - Facebook's Final ZuckUp (

An anonymous reader writes: A backlash against Facebook is brewing after pro-Palestine page is removed. Will Facebook serve as a neutral platform for social movements or will the company decide which movements to support?

Emacs Hits Version 23 367

djcb writes "After only 2 years since the previous version, now emacs 23 (.1) is available. It brings many new features, of which the support for anti-aliased fonts on X may be the most visible. Also, there is support for starting emacs in the background, so you can pop up new emacs windows in the blink of an eye. There are many other bigger and smaller improvements, including support for D-Bus, Xembed, and viewing PDFs inside emacs. And not to forget, M-x butterfly. You can get emacs 23 from or one of its mirrors; alternatively, there are binary packages available, for example from Ubuntu PPA."

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