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Submission + - Does Mark Zuckerberg Need to Dump Peter Thiel from Facebook's Board? 2

theodp writes: Over at Slate, Dan Gillmor says Mark Zuckerberg needs to dump Peter Thiel from the Facebook Board of Directors. "Thiel's secret laundering of the Gawker lawsuit disqualifies him as someone who should be on a board of directors of any organization that claims to value freedom of expression," writes Gillmor. "Facebook's other directors, employees, and users should ask how much they want to be associated with a company that keeps someone like Thiel in a position of such power and influence...Facebook claims to believe in freedom of expression, and in journalism, and at some level that's true. But every minute it allows Thiel to remain on its board of directors, it will be broadcasting how limited those values truly are." Gillmor, it seems, is hardly alone in his line of thinking. By the way, Thiel was present when Zuckerberg met with conservative leaders on May 18th at Facebook HQ to assure them that the social media giant would never mess with the press. "Mark looks a man in the eye the entire time," remarked satisfied radio host Glenn Beck after that meeting. "I watched Sheryl [Sandberg] and Peter Thiel and the whole team. Not one time did I get a sense that they were saying these things to get this off their back. I think they’re sincere." Exactly one week later, Thiel revealed his secret war with Gawker in a NY Times interview.

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