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Comment Race to the bottom (Score 1) 118

Why not? It is way simpler to write and requires no infrastructure to hold and release keys, etc. If you are crook who would create ransomware you don't have any honour anyway. Of course if this gets more popular, fewer people will be inclined to pay anything since chances of getting files back won't look so good, but criminals are in it for quick buck anyway.

Comment Fix the damn TOS (Score 5, Insightful) 195

The problem is not with users being lazy or stupid as it is suggested in the article, but with TOS. For example Apple's TOS is 56 pages long and reading it won't you much good since without lawyer translating from legalese to English you are probably going to miss quite a lot of legal traps anyway. The 'fix' is to stop treating TOS as if it was a law - at best it is a list of company's wishes and hopes.

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