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Comment Re:This is going to get worse with USB-C (Score 1) 120

I second this, after having done considerable research on this over the past week. Be careful guys, many well reviewed chargers with 4+ star rating on amazon by lay people (like me) were tested and shown to be outright dangerous.

It's a weird situation too. Because USB-C can charge a phone as well as a laptop, some people might give rave reviews for a charger that is built to charge phones. But some idiot copy/pasted firmware that advertises the tiny charger can deliver 3A at 14,5V or something like that, and the first person who hooks up a laptop will have a red-hot charger.

Comment Re:This is going to get worse with USB-C (Score 1) 120

Why will it get worse? Unlike the lightning connector, USB C is an open standard, so anybody - Belkin, Retrack, et al can make perfectly good USB C connectors, w/o having to pay anything to Apple

Well, on one hand it's a much better situation. We get much more choice in what we can buy. There's really good examples too, like this Innergie charger. It's made by Delta (which makes lab-grade benchtop power supplies) and it shows; that charger was very well tested.

However exactly because everybody can make a charger, we'll also get the worst possible stuff for sale.

Comment This is going to get worse with USB-C (Score 4, Interesting) 120

With USB-C, this is going to get much, much worse. Apple, Google and HP now have laptops that can get juice from every charger.

However, the protocol for that (USB-PD, Power Delivery) is a digital protocol. So companies that used to build purely electronic chargers will now have to build or more likely buy firmware for their chargers. There's bound to be bugs in there, but we're talking about chargers that can supply up to a 100W of direct current.

I dare not guess how much houses are going to burn down because of crazy power supplies.

Personally, I'm only buying cables and chargers that have been tested thoroughly. You can't trust Amazon reviews, you can't trust big brands, you can only trust guys like Benson Leung and Nathan K., who whip out the protocol analyzer and the benchtop electronic loads.

This is a real good source:

And this is the Google Plus page, where they post an analysis every so often:

Comment Didn't reveal much (Score 4, Informative) 74

It didn't reveal much? Guessed the number of CPU cores wrong (says four, I've got two but perhaps it counts hyperthreading?). Using Firefox with an adblocker, on a Mac.

It could've done OS and browser fingerprinting, show possible location based on IP, shown a number of social networks that I usually log into, etc.

Somewhat disappointed actually :) Or perhaps relieved :)

Comment Re:Stop combining sellers for "identical" products (Score 1) 62

The amazon term is "stickerless comingled inventory".

This is really interesting, and I didn't know this.

Now the problem is that I'm shopping right now for USB-C cables. Cables that adhere to the standard are notoriously hard to find. For instance, _all_ USB-C to USB-C cables have to carry at least 60W (20V @ 3A) but there's lots of shit out there that'll lie about that, and heat up. Now imagine what happens if you forgot and hooked up a 100W MacBook Pro with that cable.

So suppose a buyer wants to avoid buying products that come from "stickerless comingled inventory", can you simply go to Amazon and only buy products that have 1 seller or something?

Comment Re:All linked in /usr ? (Score 2, Informative) 58

All binary & lib dirs linked in /usr ?
That's incredibly STUPID
Don't they know why /usr existed in the 1st place ?

If you had read the fffffine article, you'd seen the link to an article that condenses the pros and cons:
Of course they know why /usr existed in the first place.

Basically what it comes down to, is that only embedded systems want that separation. And everyone acknowledges that: "The discussion thus eventually turned toward whether or not Debian would risk losing a significant number of embedded users by not addressing their specific concerns. That question remains open to debate, given its speculative nature."

In the end, it seems the advantages of one /usr directory outweighted the advantages and tradition of separate /usr, /sbin and /lib directories.

Comment Re:Made up "facts" (Score 1) 299

The new Mac desktops and laptops are crap for people who want something other than an expensive toy. Full stop.

Why would you make such a sweeping generalization? I'm a software developer who works three days in my own office, and two days in the client's office. So I just drop the appropriate USB-C cables at both locations. Done.

It's an expensive toy, sure. But with the new machine, I also earn my living.

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