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Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 228

"the usual human reaction to the smell of Cadaverine (pentamethylenediamine) and Putrescine (tetramethylenediamine),"

Quoting the wiki:

"Basic amines such as putrescine, spermine, spermidine and cadaverine are responsible for the smell and flavor of semen."

What human reaction, you said?


Comment Re:Do bats really control mosquitoes? (Score 3, Interesting) 115

"not only do bats (and purple martins) not eat that many mosquitoes, they also eat other insects that would themselves eat mosquitoes, such as dragonflies."

Dragonflies hunt by sight, during daytime. Bats and mosquitoes are active at dusk and night, so this doesn't sound very likely as far as bats are concerned.

Comment Re:Returning a wet phone to functionality (Score 5, Informative) 83

The use of hygroscopic products to speed up drying is actually based on a misconception, or at least, not as effective as you might think.

The rate of evaporation is proportional to the product D*(p_vp-p_env), where D is the diffusion coefficient of the vapor molecules in air, p_vp the vapor pressure (partial pressure of saturated vapor), and p_env the partial pressure of vapor in the environment.

A desiccant will lower p_env to zero, so it will help a bit; for example, the p difference is (2.4-1.2) kPa at 20 C, 50% relative humidity, increasing to (2.4-0) with a desiccant, a factor 2 increase. However, putting it in a warm place will increase both D (a bit) and p_vp (a lot). Heating it to 50 C in the same environment will increase the p difference to (12.3-1.2), a factor 9 increase. Additionally, D will increase by a factor 1.2. A phone that is switched off should be able to handle such temperatures, so putting it on top of the cable modem is cheaper and more effective.

Even better would be to dry it in vacuum; that will increase the D parameter tremendously. But most people don't have that at home, although I suppose that some creativity with a wine preserver pump might get you somewhere.

Comment Re:It may not be so bad afterall... (Score 1) 84

"CyanogenMod (...) uses the "old fashioned way". No TrustZone, no fancy footwork with keys... just a relatively simple prompt for the passphrase at the phone startup so /data can be mounted and used."

I'm using CM13 (Android 6/Marshmallow), which uses FDE, yet can boot without password prompt, just like stock Android 6. It will present the lock screen though. Leaving aside the security of a booted and connected phone with only the lock screen as a protection, the only way to do this seems to be to use some kind of trusted execution environment. Otherwise, you could pull the entire encrypted data partition over USB from the (obviously non-stock) boot loader and have all the necessary data to decrypt it offline.

Comment Re:Still call the 440Hz "A" note? (Score 1) 171

"military and brass music uses 461 Hz. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... "

The number 461 does not occur anywhere on that wikipedia page and it's the first time I hear it. I used to play the trumpet. That was before you had digital tuners but I don't recall that there was any problem to get it in tune with a standard piano. The closest statement is:

""high pitch" was used for the older tuning of A = 452.4 Hz at 60 ÂF. Although ... low pitch, provincial [english] orchestras continued using the high pitch until at least the 1920s, and most brass bands were still using the high pitch in the mid-1960s."

Comment Thank god (Score 1) 168

Thank god they did away with it. Thunderbolt 1 and USB 2: when you looked at the specs, that thing did not have any real reason to exist anymore.

For ~$500, there is the LG 27MB85R, exactly the same dimensions and resolution except it has Thunderbolt 2.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 56

"T-Mobile does, after all, not only know where you live, but where you ARE. (Even if you disable location services or deny access to the TMO app, they can still place you with a couple hundred meters via cell tower triangulation.)"

Even though the T-mobile organization as a whole may have this information, I would expect that it is not so easy to transfer this information in real time from where it is normally kept to the marketing department that is in charge of these promotions. The reasons would be technical, legal, and security-related. It is highly sensitive data; imagine the uproar if the customer database is leaked including detailed location logs after a breach.

Comment So how do we miss a 300 foot object that has been (Score 5, Insightful) 237

So how do we miss a 300 foot object that has been orbiting the Earth for around 50 years?

We weren't looking for that particular object.

Also, space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space.

Comment Re:Sweet (Score 1) 112

"The choices are smart devices that know not to draw higher current (sometimes) or maintaining 51% of the load as resistive."

Thank you, my universal 100-240 V AC laptop adapter won't work anymore in the US and your US one will go up in smoke and flames in Europe. Or your tv will black out when the freezer/airco switches on...

Comment Bloated (Score 2) 222

I consider the big ones quite bloated for my purposes. I'm not a web dev, I'm an iOS developer. What I need, is a very simple CMS where I can just paste in a template and then make very small adjustments. Often, you pick any of the gazillion CMSes with a version number in the 0.x series. Their biggest selling point is that it's "light-weight", simply because it's not yet mature.

CMS Made Simple however is mature, but still light-weight. It has been existing for years and is in the 2.x series. They waited a looong time before the 2.x series was really, really stable and only recently announced that they'll stop supporting their 1.x series. Very professional.

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