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Comment Re:Civilians (Score 1) 101

You are such an obvious Ukrainian doing his job. Ukrainian forces are not 20km from Donetsk. They are on its very edge. And don't tell me Ukrainians use only AK-rifles. They use artillery as well mortars. During the war they were shelling separatists who were in the cities among civilians. You are constantly calling separatists "Russians". They are not Russians, they are Ukrainian citizens.
" until everyone realized". This is a good example of Argumentum ad populum or "appeal to the majority" - a fallacious argument

Comment Re: Great (Score 1) 689

He said that if you're a star they let you do anything, but he didn't say why they let you do anything. It's your speculation that that's because they are afraid of him. If he had said "a boss" I would have agreed with you. Because "boss" means authority over people. But he said "a star". There are always many "gold digging" women around stars. They let him do it because they don't mind it, because that's how they dig their gold. They know it and he knows it.

Comment Such things are unprovable. (Score 1) 689

Such things are unprovable. All these "ip ranges" and "Russian working hours"... Why should I believe the US that the ip ranges were from Russia? The US is an interested party in this. What proof can they they show me of the ip ranges and working hours that can't be falsified? Such a proof does not cannot exist. Besides hackers can use proxy servers as well as work at night.

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