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Comment Why so negative? (Score 5, Insightful) 158

Whenever there's a story / discussion involving India, comments on Slashdot are almost always overwhelmingly negative with "ad-hominem" attacks all around. For example, this discussion thread does not have a single comment discussing the technical aspects of the launch - a launch of 100+ satellites is bound to have some interesting technical challenges which can be discussed. Instead comments are lame jokes about H1Bs and comments on how India shouldn't spend money on space missions. Slashdot was supposed to be a "news for nerds" site, where the nerds can actually discuss technology. It's sad to see what it has degenerated into.

ISRO Makes History, Launches 104 Satellites With Single Rocket (indiatimes.com) 158

neo12 writes: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) made history by launching 104 satellites in a single launch. The lift-off of PSLVC 37 at 9.28 am from Sriharikota was a perfect one. In 28 minutes, all 104 satellites were successfully placed into the Earth's orbit. 101 of the 104 satellites belong to six foreign countries, including 96 from the U.S. and one each from Israel, the UAE, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Kazakhstan. According to Times of India, "Russian Space Agency held a record of launching 37 satellites in one go during its mission in June 2014. India previously launched 23 satellites in a single mission in June 2015."

Comment Giving up the crown jewels? (Score 2) 57

Nokia maps are by far the best in the mobile space. It is one of Nokia's biggest selling points. Now that they are making their maps available to everyone, what "killer exclusive feature" do people have to move to Nokia/WP8? Are they resigned to becoming an app developer, a sideshow, for the biggies?

Comment Specific exemption for VC-funded entities (Score 1) 157

The summary is completely misleading. The proposed amendment specifically provides an exemption for VC funded companies. From the proposed Finance Bill -

"(viib) where a company, not being a company in which the public are substantially interested, receives, in any previous year, from any person being a resident, any consideration for issue of shares that exceeds the face value of such shares, the aggregate consideration received for such shares as exceeds the fair market value of the shares:
Provided that this clause shall not apply where the consideration for issue of shares is received by a venture capital undertaking from a venture capital company or a venture capital fund"

Now, there may be situations where a start-up is unable to use this exemption [say, where the investor is not registered as a VC fund in India]. There are trivial work-arounds for such cases, which any decent tax advisor can come up with. [Eg: Issue shares at face value, but with lower voting / dividend rights etc].

Long story short, I don't expect things to change in any meaningful manner on the ground.

PS: Last year, the tax department identified several cases where kickbacks from govt projects were disguised as share investments at very high premiums. The tax department seems to have brought in a (half-baked) proposal to stem such money laundering.

PPS: IAACA, sadly

Comment Re:Welp, (Score 1) 633

Honestly if we don't stop the up and coming countries from repeating our mistakes then what do we gain? A big fat nothing. A so hate this excuse of its not fair to them, well tough shit. We know better now and they can't claim to not know better either. If we get them off on the right foot it is going to be a lot easier for all of us. If we excuse them then we just push the problem off to the next generation. Of course that seems to be the aim of almost all politicians these days, push off to another generation what we are not willing to do today.

I have a more apt analogy than your pizza one.... just because Jack murders a dozen people doesn't excuse John from killing one.

Well, the developed world needs to *help* the China/India not repeat their mistakes - just crying "Stop!" isn't going to help one bit.

Look at it this way - the west needs to pay for what it has done to the environment. Why not do it through funds / technology transfer to developing countries to help them develop clean industries?

Where's Jack's punishment?

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