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Comment BS (Score 1) 70

Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook Messenger's Head of Product, contends their goal with M Suggestions is to offer a better user experience. To wit, M Suggestions does not currently generate any revenues for Messenger.

Who here is still believe into good intentions of the Internet monopolies?
We all know know what that means when something is free for users

Comment one person's fault (Score 3, Interesting) 386

What really sucks in this whole story with the Ubuntu Unity (besides the software itself) is the fact that the entire Ubuntu community was mislead by one individual.
I really don't care if he admitted he was wrong, what I care is about years of engineering effort wasted and the Linux desktop platform reputation affected because of one person dumbness.
I would expect that the Ubuntu Foundation look into this shameful failure of common sense and do something to prevent it from repeating in the future.
But I'm not holding my breath as he pays their salaries.

Comment I'm done with Google phones (Score 1) 105

I'm done with Google phones, guys
They have become too expensive, too large and as bloated as other vendors phones, while nothing on them is unique and somehow stands out.
Improved camera? Who cares, really?
How about more than a day without recharging instead?
Removable battery?
Two SIM cards?
SD card (at least one, better two)?
Size that fits into pants front pocket?

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 489

This... People are designing for one medium used one way. All of the large data workers I know (Programmers, accountants, graphics designers, architects...) HATE these new UIs and use Windows 7 / Gnome 2 style interfaces. (And often have dual monitors) I suspect it will not be long before things start to shift back...

very true
I'm a professional programmer and have been avoiding anything that is not Gnome 2 on Linux (e.g. CentOS).
On MS Windows only Windows 7 is tolerated.
Mac doesn't work for me either: ridiculously expensive non-upgradable hardware and lack of connectors any professional needs.
I feel like in the last few years OS software vendors abandoned us, developers.
Whatever; we'll find a way to configure it they way we want it, as always, right, guys?

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