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Comment How about some communication (Score 2, Insightful) 312

This is idiotic because it assumes wifi-users are animals with no responsibility and no thought for others. I've seen polite signs that work wonders:

"Please limit your time to an hour if you are just browsing the internet, during our peak hours of -----------



The "atmosphere" of the coffee shop is the atmosphere of mutual communication -- the customers listen too. There is no need for these weird "receipt" codes, or things like that. I'd simply go to Starbucks. I mean, I've refused to go to a coffee shop because they fired a barista I've known for a long time -- if they suddenly said -- "Hey, you're not welcome here, freeloader" -- without a polite explanation, as above -- then there would definitely be backlash.

Comment What a Coincidence (Score 1) 795

Those are two of the only three games that I've bought in the last year, the third being Armageddon Empires. I think, in retrospect, that I would probably not have bought those games if I could have just downloaded it, although, part of the reason why I bought it was that the money was going to support developers. I didn't bother looking too hard for pirated versions, though. I think the lesson here is that I would buy games if I couldn't find a pirated version AND if I they were independent and had an interesting premise. Then again, being unemployed with no source of income probably has something to do with this penny-pinching.

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