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Comment IAATM (It's Always About The Money) (Score 5, Insightful) 425

From a purely technical standpoint, allowing the buyer to log in and change the owner of the ticket would be trivial. Upon the change, the system sends a new password to the new email address, and that person must log in and add a credit card number that will be used for verification at the venue. Paperless tickets exist for only one reason. Ticketmaster wants to capture the value in increased demand by raising prices instead of seeing it go to the middlemen.

Comment COBRA (Score 1) 1197

Since you work for a big company you are almost certainly eligible for COBRA coverage. It normally lasts 18 months, however I believe that was temporarily extended to 36 months last year. It ain't cheap, you essentially will be paying the full cost of employer provided coverage, however it is the path of least resistance.

Comment Re:The crazy hottie (Score 1) 483

Huge amounts of skimming. I worked for one of the big telcos back in the day. The managers got paid their bonuses on self-reported revenue. The simply made up whatever sales they needed on the last day of the quarter to hit quota, and cashed the bonus check. The fact that those sales never actually materialized never seemed to bother anybody. At the national sales meeting they said about 10% of the reported sales ever showed us as revenue. Of course, the company had just lost billions and there were 2500 of us at a sales meeting in Vegas, so the problems were systematic.

Also a lot of "buy my switches/software/servers and I'll make sure you get some IPO stock" back in the late 90s.

Comment Re:Fair beats Free (Score 5, Insightful) 242

The problem (with newspapers specifically) is that newspapers are not in the news business. They are in the advertising business. News was an excuse to sell eyeballs to advertisers. There are more efficient ways today to match up buyers and sellers, so newspapers are suffering.

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