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Comment Rats. (Score 1) 95

I just, with this article, realise that my understanding of computer science may not be keeping up with reality. I am now old. Why would someone want to calculate zillions of floating point results on their PC? How can a GPU card have no graphical interface? And when did we start using Teraflops in desktops!??!?!

Comment Re:I measure fuel efficiency in MPB (Score 1) 1141

Similarly, I bike to work. It takes me about 12 minutes on my super-efficient bike (BMC, 8.1kgs total. Once a gear-head, always a gear-head). A can of redbull has 152 calories and given that I'm an average rider, I burn off pretty much every one of those calories on the way to work, thereby justifying a second caffeine hit. Sweet, eh?
The Courts

Submission + - OiNK UK Raided and Shutdown ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Both British and Dutch police have joined forces in order to arrest those behind the OiNK Bittorrent tracker, a private invite only tracker which facilitated the transfer of illegal music transfers. One wonders whether the result will be a "fuck you" response, similar to that of The Pirate Bay when shut down by Swedish police.

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