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Comment Re:It's all about public relations... (Score 4) 161

As the person who 'didn't care to reply' - let me note one thing. I have been in personal email contact with both Loic and Sebastien (the two posters) regarding SFDocs. (Days ago ;) ) Yes. The system changed - and I admit, I should've committed the changes to CVS. Time constraints stopped this from happening.

But, if people cared to check on http://sfdocs.sourceforge.net/, they will note the ease with which volunteers may now submit documentation to the project. Not only this, but also the number of staff written articles on SFDocs.

Of course, the offer is always open for _anyone_ to submit documentation at any time. =)


Quentin Cregan (aphzen)
Support / Systems - SourceForge.Net

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