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Journal pythorlh's Journal: Memeprisal: "This time it's seasonal" 13

This comes from Shadow Wrought, and others...

Post a comment to this thread, and I will:

1. Tell you why I befriended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc..
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. In return, you must post this in your Journal/Blag/whatever.

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Memeprisal: "This time it's seasonal"

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  • nt
    • Hmmm. This is likely to be tough for me. Most of my friends list was built long ago, and my memory is poor. And this is the case with you. I cannot remember why I originally friended you. It was most likely due to a comment in Solemndragon's journal. Sol was one of my very first /. friends, and the direct or indirect source of many on my friend's list.

      I associate you with Harry Potter, actually. The journals I remember well were the HP speculation, and the discussion shortly after the book came out.

      • 1. As good a beginning as any.
        2. I thought the final book was at least 100 pages too long. The spent 75 pages doing NOTHING in the tent, then they get attacked by Voldemort, then they spend another 35 pages doing NOTHING. I hate the way mega-successful authors become untouchable by editors.
        3. Public confession of shortcomings... maybe it's just a Protestant thing. My diet and reshaping of myself was my first topic here in the journals. It remains a topic I'm keenly interested in, although not as vocal about
  • Or second. One of them.
    • Why did I befriend you? Again, I'm pretty sure it was a post in someone else's journal. I'm not helpful here, am I?

      I associate you with RPGs. (The games, not the guns.) I'm not sure why. Probably has to do with the memory below.

      I like how open you are. You post a lot. You post about lots of interesting topics, both important an inane.

      I remember the Dice pool sports predictions. The may be what led me to friend you, but I'm pretty sure I had already done it by then.

      Again I'm short on questions. I'll
      • What made you think of using that system for the sports predictions?

        It started with the NCAA basketball tourney. I was placed in charge of my law firm's tournament pool and so was into it more than usual. One of my co-workers and I were having a talk about Robert Malkiers (I think...) book called A Random Walk (again, I think...). Long story short, we decided to fill out a tournament bracket using only a coin toss. Team on the top bracket, heads. Team on the bottom, tails. We got like 7 right;-) So

  • What can I say? I'm a follower.
    • Sorry I missed you yesterday...

      I think it was your username. Definitely saw it in a comment to someone's journal, and thought that youd' be interesting to read from.
      I associate you with sci fi. The username again. Makes me think of "ugly bags of mostly water," and then just the concept of silicon based life.
      You make me think of web games... There's the link in the newest journal, and I remember some different one's from before, right?
      How's the family? You have two daughter's right? Four boys myself, an
      • Yeah, two girls - we're going through a bout of coughs and such, but apart from the plague (it's not bad), we're doing very well - It's so amazing watching my kids learn and grow. They amaze me pretty much daily.

        Related to that, I have a secret, but I'm saving that for a JE.
  • That's Fourth Post. ;-)
    • Another one for my poor memory, unfortunately. I remember several of your journals going back a while, so I'll assume again that it was a entry in one of the circle's journals.
      I associate you with an IT job. I remember a job hunt, and some occasional technical JEs. You make me think you are a lot like me. If that's true in the personal world, I feel sorry for you. ;)
      Not much to ask... I just remember you're my kind of poster... How's your day been?
  • Honestly, I don't even remember why I befriended you.

    • Well, I'm sorry to say the forgetfulness is mutual. This is where my process so far in this journal falls flat. I've been back reading through commenter's journal entries. Usually I find one or two that make me go "Oh! This is THAT guy..." But you've only got two, and I don't remember ever seeing them before. Also, I don't recognize your home page, or any recent comments. At this point I'll assume that I friended you for a well thought comment on a story, some time more than a year ago. The other op

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