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BLACKBERRYS ARE NO LONGER COMPETITIVE TO I PHONES: I owned two Blackberry "Smart Phones," and they were OK and only that. The iPhone is seriously in a diffent league. It is a totally functioning fast small computer with numerous advantages that Research In Motion never conceptualized and thus this company has suffered and will continue to suffer in terms of loss of market share and lost users. Reasons: 1) Slow Processor 2) Inadequate touch screen 3) Poor/No Applicatons Available 4) Small Screen 5) No IPod Let's face it. My iPhone lets me use voice to text technology (i.e. Dragon Dictation) to send out E mails and texts in seconds; I can surf the web with four or five different browsers, visit YouTube and see thousands of videos, view the NYTimes, the Wall Street Journal, and have a great camera - and photo album- from which I can quickly E mail great photos. Blackberrys - fine for an E mail or two. But they simply didn't foresee the incredible changes that only Steve Jobs saw - and brought to market. Thus, the company suffers!

Comment Water (Score -1) 395

Surprisingly, at this point, in Nassau county, NY, which borders NYC, and which the forecasts predict the eye of the storm will pass directly through/over, the stores are still stocked with water and supplies, and not completely mobbed. I've convinced my parents with whom I live to take some precaution and do some last minute buying and stockpiling of water and other assorted necessities tomorrow.

But it's not like the stores are packed, things are relatively calm.

I plan on turning my computer off once the winds and rain start and bunkering down in the underground basement with my laptop and iPhone (and battery-doubler) although power and cell lines are likely to go down for days, possibly more worst-case. Hopefully things will go smoothly and damage will be kept to a minimum. Still, something scary about the eye of a hurricane passing right over your neighborhood. I'm just hoping the top won't be blown off the house.

Comment Re:Water and preparations (Score -1) 147


I'm following bits and pieces of the advisory, eg, stockpiling water, keeping liberal supplies of medications, flashlight, batteries, staying with sleeping bags and the like in the basement floor away from windows (with my aging parents)

Should be safe there, I think we can escape flooding as we live far from the coast and really have never experienced any.

My thoughts are just if we can escape widespread structural damage and keep loss of lives and wiped out houses to a minimum in the area. Tornados are a minor danger too.

Hopefully we can all be back to business and have this under our belt by Monday or Tuesday morning.

Comment Re:But they don't have cars. (Score 0) 395 specifies those areas of the city that are near enough to water to be in danger of serious floods.

Mayor Bloomberg has stated in press conferences those in affected areas should move to higher ground; ie, non-affected areas, staying with friends and/or relatives in the boroughs or outside.

There likely won't be lawlessness, the waters will recede and there will just be a lot of property damage. They are deploying a lot of police units to keep order in the city and crews are coming from out of state and those local to the area being lined up in teams to repair and clear damage and restore power to the affected areas.

I'm still scared-- stockpiling on water and going to bunker down in my basement, as the projected path of the 'cane brings the eye with a near-direct hit over my residence. Just gotta tough it out and hope they can restore power in a reasonable period of time and damage to life and proprety is minimal.

But don't pray for me.

Comment Water and preparations (Score 0) 147

Western Long Island near Queens County, NY, here. One block and a fraction from NYC city borderline.

I've read the eye may pass directly over where I live or at least just a few miles in either direction.

I just lugged home a 24 pack of Nestle water bottles 3/4 a mile by hand from CVS because I think my parents (with whom I live) aren't serious enough about preparing. Along with a couple bottles from Dunkin Donuts.

I think we should be stockpiling water, the gov. of CT and other data say power could be down for up to a week or even more. I've convinced my parents to stay with me in the basement (safest place in the house, especially in event of falling trees or tornadic activity) for the duration of the storm, and will do my best to convince them to drive me to pick up more 24 or 48 packs tomorrow.

Frankly, I feel thankful the stores are still well stocked with water. There are stacks of it right in the front as soon as you walk in. Cheap too, $6 and change for a 24-pack. Hope that lasts through tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to turn off my desktop and bring my medications, laptop, iPhone (with battery doubler), some books, and anything else I can think of and stay bunkered in in the basement. First direct hit of a 'cane of my life.

They've been saying we're long overdue for one for years now. A year or two ago ran a piece saying that NYC is #2 most overdue city.

Well, our card has come up.

Also interesting, I watched the local news station meterologist (Sam Champion of Eyewitness News NYC) responding to someones questions about if we would have time to evacuate saying that there are 7 million people on geographical L.I. and how it would be completely impossible to evacuate most of us with one interestate highway and a handful of bridges and tunnels through the NYC boroughs to the mainland. You could read into his words.. If this were a more serious threat we'd be sitting ducks.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. (But don't pray for me).

Also, lots of Double A batteries for flashlights.

Comment Apple: Great Devices - Visionary Leader (Score -1) 722

Let's get real! Apple has sold 80 million I phones. It is a phenomenal device. In 2007 it didn't even exist or was just beginning. In addition, the tablet category was virtually non-existent in 2010. So Apple decided to introduce the I Pad. And 13 million people loved the device enough to buy it. So, what can we deduce? My view is that the developers at Apple, led by Mr. Steve Jobs are creating great products that have worldwide appeal. And they are products that have been intelligently marketed! Some people may not like everything they do. But without any argument they have great products which offer a pleasant, productive experience to use.

Comment Re:Where's the Cowboyneal option (Score -1) 471


Polls - a poll is usually run on the site in the right-hand margin, asking users their choice on a variety of topics. In the earlier years of the site, one of the options that could be selected was CowboyNeal, the handle of Jonathan Pater, an administrator of the site. This became known as the CowboyNeal option. During the summer of 2005, he stopped being in charge of the polls, and as a result the CowboyNeal option disappeared.


Could CA Violent Game Law Lead To an Industry Exodus? 142

donniebaseball23 writes "Oral arguments for the California games law are set to begin on November 2. It's a hugely important court case for the industry, and if the Supreme Court sides with the legislators it could lead to an exodus of talent from the games business, says one attorney. 'Certainly less games would be produced and there would be a corresponding job loss,' said Patrick Sweeney, who leads the Video Game practice at Reed Smith LLP. 'But I expect the impact will likely be significantly deeper. I believe the independent development community would be severely impacted. Innovation, both from a creative and technological aspect, would also be stifled. The companies, brands and individuals that we should be embracing as the visionaries of this creative and collaborative industry will migrate their talents to a more expressive medium.' Meanwhile, Dr. Cheryl K. Olson, author of Grand Theft Childhood, notes that even if California gets its way, it could backfire."

Comment Re:Which one is it? (Score -1) 383

To clarify, the point is that all else being equal, being fat is not the best mode, rather the fact that one has to consume a large enough amount of nutritionally unsound food on the typical Western diet to become fat does not reflect negatively on being skinny or average or the health and/or longevity benefits thereof, but rather on the poorness in nutrition of said diet types. In other words, if you consume the same amount of nutrients across the whole spectrum of BMI or caloric intake variations, the premise or message of the article would not hold true.

Comment Re:Which one is it? (Score -1) 383

CR has been proven in over 200 species of animals, including monkeys. The final results from human subjects will not be in for decades, but the initial tests (biomarkers) are in line with what would be expected if it were to work with humans.

The bottom line from the CR point of view, is that the American/Western diet is so nutritionally inadequate that it takes a relatively large amount of food/calories to provide the satisfactory level of nutrients that the body requires. That is to say, if you had a number of diets all containing the same level of nutrients, but with just different caloric content, the one who eats a rather low amount of calories, and accordingly had a low BMI, would live the longest. This is the idea behind the CRON diet (Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition) -- satisfying your nutritional needs while reducing calories by eliminating non-nutritious calories and consuming only nutrient-rich foods.

I will not make the case for CRON here, the research speaks for itself, and there are many resources for pursuing it online. Just adding the CR view on this type of study, similar versions of which have been reported in other times and places.


Games To Outsell Music, Video In UK 47

The BBC reports that for the first time, spending on games and game hardware will outstrip sales in the music and video industries. Quoting: "In the last five years the video games market has more than doubled in value, while music sales have stagnated. The good news for game makers in the report was balanced by grim tidings for high street retailers. 'The music and video market is not just suffering from a slowing of growth but a massive transfer of spend to online,' says Malcolm Pinkerton of Verdict Research. It is online sales of CDs and DVDs that have grown rapidly, rather than digital downloads, which still only account for around 4% of music and video sales."

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