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Comment It is a reasonable position - but here's an idea (Score 2, Insightful) 356

It is perfectly understandable for a business to avoid spending a lot of money building a Linux-specific version.

However - what they should do is add Wine as one of their officially supported "windows" platforms. For example, they can guarantee that a stock Ubuntu 10.04 desktop will be able to load their software with just one pre-requisite: apt-get install wine.


Comment Fsck DirecTV (Score 1) 181

Same thing happened to me, I bought a DVR after I had been a customer for many years. A year after I bought the DVR I switched to Dish but DirecTV wanted to bill me for another year of service. I still get calls about it and that was like 4 years ago.

These guys are just weaselly in general.

Comment I considered an Android but it was painful (Score 1) 745

I did a little bit of research, but it didn't seem like a good open source platform to play with. I couldn't find a site with publicly downloadable dev tools and there were app-store-like restrictions. If it isn't any better than my Motorola Ming (cool phone in its day but a huge disappointment) then why bother?

As a hard core open source advocate, I don't see any reason to use Android - I am going to wait for the Nokia N900 to compare.

Comment Re:The main reason (Score 1) 1365

I don't even have time to respond to the original poster. Most of his complains are just completely ridiculous - and many (such as differences between distros) are a strength rather than a weakness!

The only valid complaint about Linux is that maybe it takes some time to learn a new OS (same as if you jumped from Windows to Mac) and the lack of native app support (Wine/Crossover/Cedega covers 99% of this problem).

Comment Linux is ready, hardware issues not Linux' fault (Score 1) 1365

I haven't read the whole article, but the issue that the poster mentioned - sound hardware problems - are simply not a valid complaint when it comes to mass market Linux.

Mac & Windows generally come pre-installed on compatible hardware. If you try something like the Dell Ubuntu models things work great. It is a miracle that Ubuntu runs so well on the range of hardware that it supports - I would like to see Mac do that.

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