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Comment Re:That is poor compensation (Score 1) 85

If you bought it to run Linux, you could have just refused the update that removed OtherOS. It was clearly marked as the OtherOS-killer, and you needed to tick a box clearly stating that you understood this before it would apply. The only consequence of not updating was that you couldn't access PSN, but as a Linux user that's no use to you. I had a fat PS3, and I remember this.

The idea that Sony removed the OtherOS behind customers' backs, like Microsoft stealthily downloading Win10, has been repeated here so often that no-one questions it any more.

Comment Re:I live in Rio (Score 1) 400

more athletes will be compromised by the vaccines and the toxic chemicals in the hand "sanitizers"

Great, now all our athletes will catch the Autism! At least they'll be eligible for the Special Olympics next time around.

Seriously though, you should not have brought up the anti-vaxx/oh noes chemicals points here, it ruins your credibility.

Comment Re:Don't go the way of Vancouver (Score 1) 169

Vancouver has NO taxi service. It is not a taxi town, everyone drives cars. Taxis, when you can get them (airport or phone in) cost real money. Public transit is perfectly fine for the young and poor. Vancouver also has the worst traffic in North America, according to Wikipedia.

I live in Vancouver, and none of this is true.

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