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Comment Windows Users Are Out Cold (Score 1) 65

Windows users have nothing like this. Too bad for them. Although the Phoronix test suite is actually coming to Windows. The Windows version is very alpha right now. Be an interesting twist if Windows users can take advantage of this in the future.

To quote Phoronix.
"The Phoronix Test Suite support on Windows is very early in development and is not targeted for normal end-users with most areas not yet being implemented but will be later on in the Phoronix Test Suite 2.4 development cycle. At this time the Phoronix Test Suite client is dependent upon PHP being installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\php. The Phoronix Test Suite also uses CPU-Z for much of the hardware detection support on Windows and is dependent upon CPU-Z being installed to C:\Program Files\CPUID\CPU-Z\cpuz.exe."

Comment Re:Only 15 aliases, lame. I have over 50 (Score 1) 286

And you can do this cheap. I've been using this concept for years. Anytime I need a disposable address I just go in and add it as an alias using that site's domain name such as theirdomamainname@mydomain.com.

This also gives me the added benefit of knowing exactly who gives away my e-mail address when it starts showing up in spam filters.

Thats exactly how I do it too. As for spam, I've yet to see anybody give away my email address so far. I think a lot of companies are a lot smarter about email these days, but theres plenty of idiot companies still out there.

Comment Only 15 aliases, lame. I have over 50 (Score 1) 286

I use Tuffmail for my email part of my domain. They let have as many aliases as I want. What I don't understand is why more people don't have their own domain. With your own domain you can do all sorts of nifty tricks with email. Free web mail blows big time. Stop being stingy and cough up for your own domain and get full email control. Hotmail sucks ass.

Comment Arthur C. Clarke said about the Antikythera (Score 1) 74

Arthur C. Clarke on the TV show "Mysterious World" said if the Antikythera Mechanism had not been lost, we might have populated all the stars visible to the naked eye. What he meant was that the lost of the Antikythera Mechanism set back computing by 2000 years. He reasoned that if it had not been lost, that we might have been 2000 years farther along in computing. It really does boggle my mind to think what could have been if this had become widely known and used, would we have really gone to the stars by this time.

Comment Can you hurt someone physically via the net? (Score 1) 376

Don't pacemakers have net connections nowadays. I thought pacemakers uploaded the data through the net to the doctors. All this talk of the Internet not being capable of physically hurting people is nonsense. I'm not saying this legislation is good, I'm just saying people can be hurt via the net. Who is at fault, it's the fault of companies building their product in the worst way possible. The right legislation is to hold those responsible as criminals who make products that affect human life in the real world via the net that endanger human life.

Comment Can I play the snotty Linux user? (Score 1) 318

Windows users, what losers. I use Linux and my penguin protects me with secure defaults (Ubuntu of course). He sits on my egg shell to keep me safe and warm from the nasty Internet.

Me Ubuntu Fan.
Hey look, a cool download.


Clicks on it.

Dialog box says, do you want to run it in a terminal or view contents.

Selects run in terminal.

It ask for password, well of course it ask for password. It needs to be protected from modification from the Internet.

Installs to /usr/local/

Sweet, cool naked ladies screensaver. Ubuntu is so awesome! Real easy just like Windows but secure!

Sir, this is Comcast and we have noticed that your computer appears suspicious. Stupid rep, what do they know, I have a penguin.

Submission + - The science of cheap starships, by Roger Christian (shadowlocked.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In an exclusive preview from his forthcoming book 'Cinema Alchemist', Star Wars art director Roger Christian talks about establishing Ridley Scott's vision of the Nostromo interiors for Alien with little money, time...or sleep. "Ridley," says the filmmaker still best known for helming the controversial Battlefield Earth "used to hit his head on the steering wheel of his Rolls Royce to stop him falling asleep and get him home at midnight". In this excerpt, Christian explains the logic and logistics of cutting up WWII bombers into convincing spacecraft interiors, a technique he was forced to invent under the budgetary limitations of Star Wars. "George’s mantra," Christian recalls, "was 'Make it look real' — as if we had just found and rented the ships and the props". When the legendary set-dresser Frank Bruton (2001: A Space Oddyssey, Clockwork Orange) saw truckfuls of plane parts driving onto the Lucas production unit at Elstree, he turned to Christian and said "You know you're mad, don't you?"...

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