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Submission + - Google to launch online music store

puroresu writes: Search giant Google has confirmed that it is to launch an online music store.

The service, known as OneBox, will be initially be offered in the U.S. in partnership with music sites Lala and Myspace-owned iLike. Options to purchase music will be integrated into Google search results.

More details available from the Google Blog.

Submission + - Irish Astronomers Investigate Sky Explosion

puroresu writes: Astronomers in Ireland have appealed to the public to contact them with eyewitness accounts of a massive explosion in the sky over the country. From the BBC:

Astronomy Ireland chairman David Moore said: "So far, reports have been registered by residents in west Cork, Kerry, Cavan and as far north as Donegal, thus suggesting that this spectacular event may have been witnessed by people all over the country.

"In the past two decades there have been two major explosions in the skies over Ireland.

"When we investigated these, we were able to conclude that one was a Russian military satellite that exploded over the country, and the other was a rock from space

Submission + - Introducing Young Children to Computers with FOSS 6

puroresu writes: For my 5th birthday, my parents bought me my first computer. Being introduced to computers at an early age meant that by the time I started any formal computing education in school, I was reasonably familiar with much of the material in the curriculum. It also allowed me to develop skills such as touch typing. And of course, having access to tons of educational software and games was a bonus!

Fast forward twenty years and I find myself looking to buy an inexpensive computer for my fiancée's five year old son. I'm keen to introduce him to Linux and FOSS in general and I'd like to know how other /.ers have gone about this with their own children. How have you encouraged development of keyboard skills? Have you discovered some great educational software? Games particularly suited to younger children? Colourful themes and icon sets which appeal to younger users? Are there any other factors I should take into consideration?

Submission + - Team Aims to Create Pure Evil AI ( 1

puroresu writes: Scientific American reports on the efforts of Selmer Bringsjord and his team at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, who have been attempting to develop an AI possessed of an interesting character trait: pure evil.

"To be truly evil, someone must have sought to do harm by planning to commit some morally wrong action with no prompting from others (whether this person successfully executes his or her plan is beside the point). The evil person must have tried to carry out this plan with the hope of "causing considerable harm to others," Bringsjord says. Finally, "and most importantly," he adds, if this evil person were willing to analyze his or her reasons for wanting to commit this morally wrong action, these reasons would either prove to be incoherent, or they would reveal that the evil person knew he or she was doing something wrong and regarded the harm caused as a good thing."


Submission + - Migrating to a Freer Country? 2

puroresu writes: I currently reside in the UK. In recent years I've seen privacy, free expression and civil liberties steadily eroded, and I can't see anything changing for the better any time soon. With people being banned from the UK for expressing (admittedly reprehensible) opinions, the continuing efforts to implement mandatory ID cards and the prospect of a Conservative government in the near future, I'm seriously considering migrating to a less restrictive country.

Which countries would Slashdotters recommend in terms of freedom and privacy? Distance is not an issue, however a reasonable level of stability and provision of public services would be a bonus.

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