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Comment The botnet is the problem... (Score 1) 323

If the DDOS is being launched from the protester's own machine, I'm OK with that. The protester or protesters should, of course, be prepared for the consequences of their actions, such as being arrested and/or sued. However, if the DDOS is being launched through a botnet, on machines that have been compromised, then I'm not OK with this being a form of protest. There is no accountability, and the participants in the protest are not willing. It's (very) roughly equivalent to drugging and brainwashing thousands of people and then turning them loose on the streets. In general, though, I think that anyone who uses DDOS attacks should be subjected to a year of defending against them.

Comment Re:No Scale (Score 1) 150

It sounds like you need to have a conversation with your wife about this. Food != Love, but in many cases and many cultures, the line between the two can be hard to see. Get a marriage counselor if you need to. If that doesn't work, then try hacking yourself. Walk a little bit each day. Eat miniscule or mostly vegetable lunches and breakfasts (assuming dinner is the main problem). Start with smaller portions during dinner if you know you're going to get coerced into eating more. You can do it.
The Internet

Submission + - AuthorizeNet is Down (

mrblondetm writes: It looks like AuthorizeNet's systems are completely down. We have had many reports on that their services are down, nobody is answering their phone or online chat, and that payments can therefore not be processed by anyone. One user just reported that at they have a fire in their data center! There is another story located here. AuthorizeNet claims to process over 1/3 of all online transactions so this is sure to be an issue for many web sites and their customers.

Submission + - Major fire at data center

Puppet Master writes: "I work for a domain registrar and hosting company, we've been unable to process credit card transactions since just after mid-night. website is down, phone lines go to fast busy signal...

Then found this. A major fire at the data center shut down their entire credit card processing operations.

They hope to have it up in a matter of hours, not days. But if you are attempting to purchase something and your card does not go through, now you know why."

Submission + - Internap Has Another Massive Power Failure

reifenrath writes: "It seems that Internap's Seattle data center has suffered another massive power failure. This sounds to be a similar problem to the Livejournal outage experienced in 2005 and documented by Slashdot. The Internap NOC is currently providing no additional information or ETA for repairs."

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