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Comment Re:false positivity? (Score 1) 204

This may be because they themselves are the actual culprits and have yet to decide whom if anyone to frame.

It has been harder over the years for me to convince myself that I did not build for the Central Intelligence Agency the prototype (or maybe just a mock-up) of the first internally-mounted peripheral that issued an alternate vote count to be used in U. S. elections.

Subsequently there was an attempt to draw me into some project, but that meeting did not last a full minute, because it began with bragging about a recent operation involving the mass electronic surveillance of delegates to national party conventions.

A career in impunity had so deranged them, they thought this little secret would flatter me, then a nineteen year-old politically involved American. Instead it shook me and sent me hiding in the woods for weeks for fear of being murdered for knowing what I should not know.

No one in the succeeding decades has assured me that my fear of assassination was unfounded.

And no one has ever treated the relevelation of the party-surveillance as anything but a personal misfortune for me rather than a national crisis and a mandate for investigation. A forced sympathetic smile has been the deepest response so far. Former or future occupants of such positions as Attorney General of United States, Supreme Court Justice, and Presidential Science Advisor have all heard about it from me, but it's never had any effect on anyone's to-do list.

Comment Re:Lots of bad assumptions here. (Score 1) 1145

Automation did not change the work paradigm. Automation roughly follows increased wages and permits higher levels of compensation.

What changed the work paradigm was the internationalization of labor management through the selective application of information technologies, so that financial managers could pretend to be industrialists by seeking ever cheaper labor markets, thus delaying the pressure to automate.

Comment Re:Something about eggs and a basket (Score 1) 63

Much of the infrastructure in that area was built during the massive cold-war build-up of post-nuclear-attack communications infrastructure, in bands around the District of Columbia. The mandate remains for such an infrastructure within reach of a government in flight from a first nuclear attack.

Military mandates move mountains, so I would guess that a few mountains were moved at Google headquarters, a few at the local and state levels, and possibly one or two at the cash level.

Comment Re:3.5mm? (Score 1) 412

No other connector-type requires a metallic prong to go that deep into the mechanism or for an empty hole to take volume from other components.

Moreover, the case could more easily isolate the rest of the components -- including the screen -- if the case itself intrudes uniformly and only a little into the space behind the screen.

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