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Comment Why pick on gamers? (Score 1) 145

Why not mobilize all couch potatoes? Install 3 buttons on all TV remotes. Viewers must press "no damage", "mild damage" or "severe damage" before every channel flipping, or better yet, to keep the TV on. Or when I'm driving to work in stop and go traffic, I could do something meaningful with 3 simple buttons in the car...

Submission + - Hypothetical Google retaliation against Apple

pumpknhd writes: I was just thinking and wondering about possible ways Google can retaliate Apple for creating roadblocks against AdMob. How would we feel if Google took the same approach as Apple? Examples could include blocking on the Google search engine, block all ads for Apple goods and even select third-party related services, or how about give Mac Adsense accounts less percentage of ad sales. Would we declare that "business as usual" or would we see an uproar?

Submission + - Privacy or the Right to Know?

An anonymous reader writes: I recently came across a interesting site, that discusses medical mishaps and analyzes case studies of doctors' malpractices. While I found the stories and cartoons entertaining and very educational, I wanted to ask the slashdot audience what they felt about "privacy" vs the "right to know". Included in the case studies are copies of the actual dossiers from the state medical board. Granted, these documents are of public domain, and the site blacks out the physician's name (leaving just the initials), but is this an invasion of privacy? Or is there any benefit to us being able to see the actual case files? Or does the "right to know" not require any real benefit at all other than simply having the right? Looking forward to seeing the opinions of the collective minds of this community.

Comment Market balance (Score 3, Insightful) 185

The idea that if the government releases the data, everyone will switch to the best provider is ridiculous. If everyone switches to the "best" provider, they'd become oversaturated, lots of service unavailable, and drop calls. They'd stop being the best. Then with the next report, everyone would switch to the new "best" provider. No, it doesn't work that way. Reporting will make all the companies more accountable and try harder to improve their service.

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