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Comment Re:Offline Single Player? (Score 1) 137

Any word on offline single player? No offline single player, no sale.

With the inclusion of a real money auction house, I'm glad it's online only. An offline mode just opens the game up to hacking, item duping/creation, etc. If an end user's PC is generating loot drops, they can be manipulated. When it's done server side, it can't.

Comment Re:Why don't they use Facebook/Microsoft? (Score 1) 373

Both Facebook and Microsoft cut a huge deal with the olympics committee to broadcast it free over their website. Let me say that again - FOR FREE. ON THE INTERNET.

I think this would had been great opportunity for Google to do their usual push marketing. Just put olympics streaming on their homepage and require Chrome to view it (like they do on several other HTML5 sites). But they most likely lost the bidding war. There's no doubt they tried tho.

Funny, another very pro-Microsoft post from h111 the day after another one by a user named h105 that claimed not to be a shill. Odd indeed.

Comment Re:All part of their retro-COBOL strategy (Score 1) 415

Tell me about it... I play sitting 8-10 feet back on my TV and it's really hard to see. WoW had an option right on the chat window to increase the font, which was essential for me. It's not that I have bad eyes, quite the opposite in fact, but it just gets really tiring trying to read the unnecessarily small print.

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