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Comment Re:you do know that bill isn't running for anythin (Score 1) 756

just admit that you are so messed up that you want a child raping molester that is good friends with a foreign despot and a general failure of a human being to be president. Your impotent attempts at justifying your shameful decisions by trying to make up crap it, to be honest, getting rather tiring.

Comment Re:you do know that bill isn't running for anythin (Score 1) 756

What is more pathetic, that you still can't figure out that Bill isn't running for anything, or that you are so shamefully sexist that you think you can blame the woman for something that her husband does. In any case, it doesn't matter, you are deplorable beyond all hope of redemption.

Comment Re: The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

so basically you are a clueless tard that thinks that commenting about things that you know you know nothing about is acceptable. I don't really card if your mommy ignores you, but how about you ask her for attention instead of expecting everyone else to pretend that you have some form of legitimacy in the adult world.

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