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Comment Re:Let's face it (Score 1) 110

My point is a bit more relevant when dealing with a crypto situation directly, because in my world (and the idealist world of accountability) it would make more sense that, if your communications are sensitive enough to warrant cryptography that you should know the very basics about how keys work. I still learnt how to drive a car before taking it for the first spin. If I were to do anything more advanced with the car, you can damn well bet that I will be learning all that I can about it. I'd complain some about laziness and apathy but I can't be arsed..

Comment Re:Maybe this is a sign.. (Score 3, Interesting) 390

If I hadn't posted in this thread, you'd receive mod points from me.

I agree that we need to fight the establishment, since the people in charge almost invariably try to strip away rights to protect their own interests. If an eBook is being lent out, I think that the author deserves some sort of royalty at a fraction of the cost of the paperback/hardcove ( simply because the electronic copy costs the author a lot less capital to produce and distribute (near-$0))

I'm at a loss as to how I should generalize this though. Maybe if the author disagrees with the royalty agreements for their eBooks they can merely NOT release one; but it will be converted into one and pirated regardless. The alternative would be to self-publish on your own terms, negotiating royalties or handling payment on your own.

Libraries receive money through late fees; eBooks can't be returned late, can they?

Comment Maybe this is a sign.. (Score 5, Interesting) 390

Shouldn't changing dynamics of supply and demand dictate the market needs? It sounds like these companies are simply grasping at straws to hold onto the last vestige of their current position by artifically creating demand. It's bollocks, if you can't make a living as a writer then you probably shouldn't be..

Submission + - akash( $35 tablet) available for purchase online (

penguin.computing writes: The akash tablet is now available for purchased online at its website The device is priced at $47 dollars and comes with 366Mhz arm11 processor.A newer model, ubislate7, with a faster processor,better battery and android 2.3 will be available by the end of january. it will be priced at $57

Submission + - CERN: No Higgs boson yet, but strong hints that it (

MrSeb writes: "Today, both teams at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) delivered an update on their search for the Higgs boson "God" particle, the quantum unit that gives mass to everything else in the universe. Neither the ATLAS or CMS detector teams delivered conclusive findings, but both recorded a large number of events in the low-mass-energy region around 126 GeV. Both teams seem to be confident that a conclusion — the discovery of the Higgs boson, or some other particle in the low energy region — will be found in 2012."

Submission + - Higgs Boson may have been "glimpsed" ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Higgs boson may have been glimpsed, say researchers reporting at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva.
Two experiments at the LHC see hints of the Higgs at the same mass, fuelling huge excitement.
(However, the LHC does not yet have enough data to claim a discovery)


Submission + - Trillion-frame-per-second Camera Captures Propagat (

gentryx writes: "MIT has published a story on how the fastest camera on earth can capture a trillion frames per second, making it possible to trace for instance how a laser pulse moves through a bootle (more footage here). Ramesh Raskar, one of its inventors, also calls it the world's slowest camera, since the actual capture of the image sequences takes hours. The reason for this is that the camera doesn't take 2d pictures, but just 1d streaks — at a very high framerate. To obtain a 2d movie, the camera has to film the same experiment over and over again, tilted at different angles. However, in its intended use-case the camera only has to take 1d frames anyway: it is meant to study light absorption of molecules."

Comment Re:Fascinating Proposition (Score 1) 480

You should be aware that having blue light within viewable distance of your sleeping area can significantly decrease productivity during the day due to receptors in your eyes becoming "confused" about the time of day. It is especially a problem for those like myself with bipolar disorder (I or II).

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