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Comment Crisis Averted (Score 0) 145

I was all worried (not really) when I heard about this show. My fear was, that all bright-light-hating, terminal-loving, CowboyNeal-voting, (fill in your phrase to describe me) 'Software Engineers' like me, would have our secrets exposed! Certainly, all these other TV Series labeled 'CSI:*' have been so accurate! Happily I remembered a key detail about 'Hollyweird'. When tasked with creating shows that were 'reality', in all but a few cases, the film makers have utterly failed in presenting 'real' reality. Yes, I know this show most likely was not intended to be 'reality', but like a previous post mentioned, at least get a few of the details right!

Comment Re:Who knows (Score 0) 2

Good thinking, thank you. I usually have no issue with what someone else might think of my thoughts. It's back to bad again, for some unknown reason. I'll let it go eventually, lol. I've been reading slashdot since the beginning, but never posted my thoughts till now. Almost 10 years in the State University system and going on 5 years in the military, and I've learned to speak my mind quite freely. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate them.

Comment Awesome! (Score 1) 434

The best part of the article is his father's statement! 'He does something with the Internet, which is just kind of mystical to me.' - LOL Something that 90% of those who know me, would say of me. Still amazes me how many people still see the internet as 'mystical'. As previously mentioned, this guy certainly has a slashdot profile, I'm sure of it!

Comment Space Dreams (Score 1) 101

It is sad to see the era end. I've been enamored by the space shuttle from the day I first built a model of the shuttle Columbia. I had that model on my desk for years, and it went to school multiple times for show-and-tell. The shuttle program changed many lives, and will continue to do so. The same dreamer that first envisioned a reusable space plane, will be the same ones who re-invent the process and space flight will still be a dream of youngsters in school. I remember both the Challenger & Columbia disasters, and despite the tragedy, the program continued. This end of an era is the beginning of a new one. I never made it to space, but one day my kids might, who knows. I know for myself, a visit to one of these shuttles is in the nearest future possible!
User Journal

Journal Journal: Karma? 2

I have always had a neutral karma, mainly because I never posted anything. I've been reading since slashdot was born, but I didn't register for an account until much later. I always preferred to be one of those anonymous cowards out there. I finally registered, and recently started making random posts. Now my Karma is BAD??? What is up with that? I've always had 0, 1, or 2 on my scores. Why do I have BAD karma? Is this a subtle indication of my living, breathing karma?

Comment Overpriced and little reason to buy (Score 0, Funny) 163

All I got from this story was..... She looks like Princess Leia's slightly older, much prettier sister, with a sexy accent. I can build a custom cabinet for my TV, with much more features. I must admit though, IKEA is a cool store to visit, if I want to earn browny points with the wife. She could spend days in there if they let her.

Comment Agitating the dots...... (Score 1) 35

Did anybody else think of that old Nextel commercial..... ( ?? In any case, it is a really interesting read for sure. Besides, with a beautiful, female nerd narrating, what geek wouldn't be interested? Score me low, that's fine, just my thoughts in the open today :-)

Comment Godspeed Sir (Score 1) 1521

Wow, it's amazing how time has flown by.... It was 97-98 that I began my career in IT and in 99 was introduced to Slashdot. I have to admit, I read anonymously from my darkened caves and never posted, I didn't even sign up for an account. I've been reading pretty regularly, almost religiously since then. I finally created my account in the last little while and actually posted a couple of times. I hope that you have great success in whatever life is leading you into. I am glad that you are spending time with family, tis important, very important! You have been part of my 'extended' family for a long time, very sad to see you go. News for Nerds, stuff that matters! It's the reason I still read /. Thank you for what you started. Good Luck and Godspeed Cmdr, you will be missed.

Comment Re:Just post to your wall or stream.... (Score 1) 236

There are Bluetooth based ODB II readers for Android. It wouldn't be a big step to have an app that would post the codes the engine or transmission throws on FB, with the GPS lat/long/elevation too, just for completeness sake.

I did not know this. I worked on an ODBII to USB app back when C# first came out. I haven't touched that project in a good while. Since I bought my Android phone, I've been looking at different app ideas. As I typed this post earlier I thought to myself, this might actually work. Thanks for the information, I may actually look into it!

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