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Comment Re:https://google (Score 1) 146

You are still allowing quite a few top level domains (listing only 3-4 character below) .aaa .ads .aero .aig .app .arab .army .art .asia .auto .axa .baby .band .bank .bar .beer .best .bet .bid .bike .bing .bio .biz .blog .blue .bom .boo .book .box .buy .buzz .bzh .cab .cafe .cal .cam .camp .car .care .cars .casa .cash .cat .cbs .ceo .cfd .chat .city .club .com .cool .coop .corp .cpa .csc .dad .data .date .day .dclk .dds .deal .desi .dev .dhl .diet .diy .docs .dog .dot .eat .eco .edu .esq .eus .fail .fan .fans .farm .film .fish .fit .fly .foo .food .fox .free .frl .fun .fund .fyi .gal .game .gay .gbiz .gdn .gent .gift .gle .gmbh .gold .golf .goog .gop .guge .guru .hair .haus .hbo .help .here .hiv .home .host .hot .how .icu .idn .immo .inc .info .ing .ink .ist .itau .jmp .jobs .kid .kids .kim .kiwi .krd .land .lat .law .lgbt .life .limo .link .live .llc .llp .loan .lol .love .ltd .ltda .luxe .mail .map .mba .med .meet .meme .men .menu .mint .mls .mobi .moda .moe .moi .mom .moto .mov .name .navy .net .new .news .next .nfl .ngo .nike .nrw .nyc .one .ong .onl .ooo .org .ovh .pars .pay .pet .pets .phd .pics .pid .ping .pink .play .plus .porn .pro .prod .prof .pub .qpon .qvc .red .reit .ren .rent .rest .rich .rio .rip .rsvp .ruhr .run .sale .sarl .sas .save .scot .sex .sexy .shia .shop .show .site .ski .soy .spa .spot .srl .surf .tax .taxi .team .tech .tel .thai .tips .top .tour .town .toys .tube .uno .vet .vin .vip .vivo .vote .voto .wang .web .webs .wed .wien .wiki .win .wine .work .wow .wtf .xbox .xin .xxx .xyz .yoga .yun .zip .zone

Comment Re:The Death of Cyanogenmod.... (Score 1) 49

At least they are still alive as an organization. They still offer the full OS, but they now understand "the game" of phone manufacturers wanting some control over the OS.

If they can add some privacy and anti-bloat features to otherwise stock OS from a manufacturer that has decent marketshare, they might grow enough to influence Android in a better way for users.

You'd think device makers would want to focus on the hardware and supply side of things and contract out the OS and software parts - but so far they all [poorly] do it themselves.

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