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Comment This is a sign of the times. (Score 5, Interesting) 380

I feel for this guy because I know how it is. I recently had copies of my videos stollen from me and posted on various websites and then I get a notice from YouTube that I am in violation of copyright for my own work that has ME IN IT and they are allowing me to use it but all ad reveinue goes to the other user. My videos were posted years before this company posted my clip. I can't afford a copyright lawyer and youtube refuses to accept the proof that I own my video. I sent a DMCA to them on the other video and got a reply that they have proof of ownership. It's insaine how a big company can screw the little guy and there is nothing we can do about it. Unless you want to shell out the money that honestly I don't have to spend with the economy the way it is now. Sorry for the rant.

Comment Ask for Verification (Score 1) 547

I would send a request back for verification of ownership and give them a few weeks to respond and take it down until the time expires or the show proof of ownership. If they don't respond put it back up and keep all records of contact just in cause. That way you can say you played ball and they ignored your request for verification. Hope that helps. Of course in all cases you really should get a lawyer and get your 60mins of advice.

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