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Comment Re:No attempts at finding other sources? (Score 1) 187

The issue is that when a product's paper trail is lost and it is sold to consumers all you have to do is hope there isn't a problem with that batch and you are fine. With the government you can lost your multi-million dollar contract so I am assuming they have to take more precautions and keep the data for a long time.

Comment Re:What?! (Score 1) 837

The company could be a small server farm or something similar where they would have 24 IT employees working on the actual network and 6 employees to support the sales, management,marketing, etc. departments. It could also be a company which needs a lot of small scripts and programs written and has a fairly large infrastructure for 500 people. Also remember that only 6 of the guys are helping out the 500 other employees.

Comment Re:I like uniforms (Score 1) 837

The problem is that in most professional environments you are supposed to look like everyone else. Remember that when working the company isn't paying you to represent yourself but that you are representing the company. If you feel that you need to express your individuality to the point that a uniform wouldn't allow you to do that then you probably shouldn't be working in that sort of environment anyway.

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