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Comment Lucky you're not in Australia (Score 4, Informative) 623

I typically drive 10 mph over the posted speed limit, both on freeways and on roads. IMHO, the posted speed limit is for either A) the driver with dementia who shouldn't be driving anyway, or B) some government that needs the speeding fines to balance their budget.

Go Los Angeles and there are some freeway offramps marked 25 MPH and, goddamit, they farking mean it oh holy shit will I make it. But as time goes on those honest speed limits get replaced with better intersections, but the speed limit stays the same.

Freeway speed limits should be 80. Non freeway speeds should be a good 10 MPH over what they are already.

Lucky you're not in Australia.. I have been booked (via hidden camera) for doing 64km/h in a 60km/h zone (39.8mph in a 37.2 zone).

Police generally will pull you over if you're doing 10km/h over the limit (6.2 mph) as the fine doubles at that point.

15km/h over (9.3mph) triples the fine.

And I'm not just talking about police on traffic duty - any police car will pull you over if you're speeding.

If you get caught doing 25km/h over (15.5mph) that's an immediate loss of license.

Our highway / freeway limits (apart from some isolated stretches on interstate highways) are all 100km/h (62mph).

Comment Australian online cheapest book service (Score 1) 206

When looking for books I use this service:

What it does is searches through all the Australian online book shops as well as international shops that send to Australia.

So it finds every store that has the book, converts the currency into Australian dollars and then gives you a list sorted by the cheapest including delivery.

Using that service you don't need to use a specific provider or even a forwarder - it'll just give you the cheapest item per book.

Comment Re:Logo language (turtle) (Score 1) 430

Just following on from this. As it was quite a while ago my school had limit amount of computers. There was only 1 computer for the class (which was in another room).

So we learnt LOGO on the black board. We all designed our "program" on paper (i think it was in pairs or small groups).

We then all took turns to go and run our program. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

We then went back and adjusted (debugged) our program and had another go shortly after.

Basically gave us skills to plan what we wanted, write and test it and then identify problems and solve them by correcting the code.

Comment Re:Better ads (Score 1) 415

The old system i dont believe was broken. It gave me the privacy settings that i wanted.

Given it might be a bit confusing for novice users, but all they needed to give it was an interface facelift.

Right now i have less privacy than i had - i cant hide any comments/likes i make on the system and need to go through and individually delete them off my wall.

The Internet

Submission + - Legal Group Says ISP Allowed 100K Illegal Dowloads (

bennyboy64 writes: iTnews reports that Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) investigators claim to have recorded almost 100,000 instances of Australian internet service provider iiNet users making available online unauthorised copies of films and TV programs, lawyers for the film industry said in the Federal Court in Sydney today. The lawyers for the film industry claimed iiNet had done "nothing" to discourage copyright infringement on its network. For background on the case see iTnews' background piece which has a pretty graph. The case will be heard for four weeks. Today was day one.

Submission + - SPAM: Hydrogen fuel cell to charge your mobile phone

dreemteem writes: "Taiwanese researchers have built a new mobile-phone recharger based on fuel cell technology they say will cost little once manufacturing partners are on board.
The handset rechargers, which contains the fuel cell, will cost around £20, while the fuel itself will come in small blue plastic tubes for about 20p each, said Jerry Ku, a researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, a government funded lab in Taiwan.
"The fuel canisters are inexpensive and small. They could be sold at 7-Eleven," he said."

Link to Original Source

Submission + - iSnack 2.0 gets Toasted ( 3

hools1234 writes: "Australian icon 'Vegemite' released a new product name on Saturday called 'iSnack 2.0'. It was poorly received, with Vegemite enduring a storm of consumer outrage over its tampering with the Vegemite brand. The new product is a combination of the traditional Vegemite sandwich spread mixed with Cream Cheese. Within hours fury was unleashed on Twitter, Facebook and Blogs labeling the name as an 'epic fail' or #vegefail. The Australian is now reporting that within only three days of launch, Kraft has announced it will hold a national vote to come up with a new name.

The iSnack 2.0 name was suggested in a competition that attracted over 40,000 entries to name the product, with the orginal Vegemite spread named in the same fashion. iSnack 2.0 is believed to have been chosen so as to resonate with the young and hip iProducts phenomenon such as iPod and iPhone. To make matters worse, the iSnack name is already under copyright to sandwich-press maker Breville. We just hope the new name isn't iSnack 3.0!

It seems iSnack 2.0 wasn't compatible. FAIL."

Comment use a hash/timestamp (Score 1) 283

Create a timestamp/random hash and store it against each record, then include it in your update query.

      data1 = @Data,
      hash = NewHash()
AND Hash = @Hash

Every save, change the hash to a new value.

If someone has changed the record and another person goes to save it, the hash wont match and 0 records will be updated. This can then be captured in your web application.

If 0 records updated - display error saying "user has already changed record, please reload page"
If 1 records updated - display success.


Submission + - World's first fully formally proven OS ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Operating systems usually have bugs — the `blue screen of death', the amiga Hand, etc., are known by almost everyone. NICTA's team of researchers has managed to produce an OS kernel that can NEVER crash, and is guaranteed to meet its specification. It is fully formally verified — as such it exceeds the Common Criteria's highest level of assurance.

The researchers used an executable specification written in Haskell, C code that mapped to the Haskell, and the Isabelle theorem prover to generate a machine-checked proof that the C code in the kernel matches the executable and the formal specification of the system.

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