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Comment Re:Illiterate troll? (Score 1) 313

Who cares?! It actually doesn't matter what the icons look like, for unprintables sake! It doesn't matter one diddley squat. It doesn't matter what it looks like, either. Apple spent a ton on telling the whole world what looks fashionable, and samsung have pulled the no-brainer and copied it. So What? If the Apple way of doing it made sense, then why change it? If people were used to the Apple way of doing it, don't force them to learn a new way. If every car makers came up with a new way of driving the thing we'd get pretty pissed with the situation. Apple set the trends now, they can't complain when other people follow. If anything it proves the success of their marketing that other companies will follow.

Comment talking about my generation (Score 1) 213

Could it also be the right generation - there is now a generation of "politically motivated" people out there who will have grown up with a computer+internet environment from an early age....can this reasonably be said of any other generation? Is this the reason so many hackers have been "created"? Other generations used other tools, ours will use the internet.

Comment Re:Err : "improve the overall RIDE QUALITY by 60% (Score 1) 274

I'm just going to use my imagination to answer that: couldn't you just drive it on a "uniform-bumpy" road at 30mph, and put an accelerometer in the car, weighted down on the driver's seat with 11stone of sand in a bag. Average the reading. Change the suspension. Do the same again... You can't directly measure something like ride quality, since there my be subjective factors - some people might like to "feel the road", others may like to drift along in ghostly serenity, but there are certainly proxies, like the one I've just imaginated for you.

Comment Re:"No consequences for violence" (Score 1) 343

GTA:San Andreas has an 18 certificate on is this a valid example? I think kids will always find a way to be violent. If their model weren't provided by kung fu panda, or power rangers, they would still be hitting each other with sticks: it's not the specific way in which they exhibit that behaviour that's important. In some ways I think I've learnt from being overly violent - from the feeling of guilt and shame that followed - now I know more about the horrible consequences. Now when I play GTA San Andreas, I've a fully-developed sense of right and wrong (lol) and I can just enjoy speeding down the highway and crashing spectacularly.

Comment Re:What? No Feathers? (Score 1) 152

I'm sure that the permeability of the wing to air helps reduce the resistance on the upstroke, but I think that the twist on the upstroke allows the wing to cut through the air, whilst the wing is held parallel to the ground on the down-stroke, providing the lift. Importantly, forward motion may be provided by retaining an angle on the upstroke, so energy isn't completely wasted here. I'm sure that new materials will provide refinements on this model and your suggestion may well be one of them.

Comment Re:It's quite simple (Score 1) 348

I think that's because the people who aren't clever enough to: a)work a computer to download their music, or at worst stream from grooveshark/spotify b)not allow advertising to control their wants and desires are the kinds of people who are still buying music en masse and thereby controlling the charts and indirectly what gets played on mainstream radio stations. When you think about it, there's actually only one reason to base a chart solely on what people are buying: financial gain. Surely a better reflection of "what's popular" would be a chart based on grooveshark/spotify numbers...and a radio station based upon such a chart would probably be more popular(???)

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