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Comment Re:A comment from outside the slashdot sewer: (Score 1) 277

marxist ... modern social justice ... insecure losers have managed to make skin color and sex more relevant to worthiness than ability

So this is what happens when those hopeless student politics types who think the world owes them everything because they have wealthy parents grows up? Where apart from your imagination are people really getting jobs just because they are in a minority and not because they can also do that job? The magical Kingdom of Prester John? Why continue the trivial and stupid student politics fight against the marxist student club or whatever it was you used to waste time arguing with.
You have a fucking President who tells kids to grab women by the pussy - those marxists and "SJW" types are not running the world and are far more powerless than you imagine yourself to be and there will be far less of them than you seem to imagine.

Comment Re:The Answer Comes Around 1am (Score 1) 277

otherwise someone fucking up their job

Typically whoever fucked up is not the one capable of fixing it so don't blame the 1am guy.
The failures of staffing, or scheduling sound about right though.

I don't know how things work in IT specifically

Major changes tend to be done after hours, so that's nights, weekends or public holidays. A well run place will have that 1AM guy start after 5PM that evening unless it's something considered urgent.

Comment Re:Perception is not Reality (Score 1) 277

Assholes that everyone hates should be fired

Sometimes you can just put them in an office out the back and make sure nobody meets with them alone.
Less opportunity to be an "asshole" can sometimes calm things down in fairly nasty situations.
Or did you just mean some mild annoyance instead? Fired for that?

Comment Re:[OT] MIT is not that special. (Score 1) 277

It's kind of sad but some years back when I did a bit of work at University a very large group of the first year engineering students had the "curse of the gifted student" due to the entry requirements - they were all "big fish in little ponds".
A tactic that seemed to work was to confront them early with things they would find interesting enough to get off their arses and work, and a lot of early feedback (with little impact on final scores) to show they were on the path to failure if they didn't lift their game. Maybe it helped that most of the final results rode on the final exam so they had time to get over the culture shock. By then most had got over the damage from the high schools in that state using rote learning even for calculus and they could work out that unlike before they needed more than a good memory to pass.
And yes, back a dozen years before that I went through the same sort of culture shock too, going from thinking I was very smart to looking at a textbook and saying "where the hell do I even start?"

Comment Re: "Diversity is a Strength!" (Score 1) 277

Back in the days using a ridiculous phrase like "virtue signaling" may have had a similar response. I still have trouble taking anyone seriously who uses that phrase or the stupid insult "SJW" or calls a person a "creative".
Is it a Californian thing? When did that stupid phrase start infesting this place?

Comment Re:The problem is? (Score 1) 115

so you buy robots cuz people on welfare won't do the job.

People who can get welfare don't get hired because they can get a court to listen to them if they later complain about illegal working conditions. Hence using workers that will get deported if they go to complain.

Those scumbags who wanted indentured labor to come back got it.

Comment Exploiting the powerless instead of citizens (Score 1) 115

Not really. There are plenty of students, homeless etc who are willing to work for almost nothing.

As another wrote, the farmers (or contracting companies at arms length) are not willing to pay illegal wages to the sort of people who can take them to court instead of getting deported.

It's also not just fruit picking.

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 366

Seriously, read his blog instead of your assumption I'm making shit up. He has a "vision" for linux and it's very much desktop focused which is where some of the conflict comes from resulting in those "not a bug" situations that I'm not just parroting. It's somewhat annoying to get flamed every time I suggest that it is less than perfect.

And using systemd to manage user services instead of foisting it off to a dozen different desktop frameworks makes sense in principle.

Until it hits something other than desktop computer space where a malicious user or just one trying a few things out messes things up seriously for many others - hence not getting the idea of a *nix system or even multiuser systems. If the implementation can avoid that problem, then fine, but if it's not doing that just yet and IMHO it's a feature that shouldn't be in a stable release until it can.

Comment Re:Idiocy (Score 1) 136

How about this one, out of the 10,000+ "engineers" working for Apple how many of them are going to know about this patent before filing, and how many of those are going to not need quotes around "engineer" and thus have done some first year physics as part of earning the title?
I think you'll find single digits for the former and almost certainly zero for the latter. In this case with 2 GHz there are very special problems associated with having the sort of amplitude required to charge a phone faster than it's battery runs down and it's a very safe bet that every engineer has got enough of an idea about how microwave ovens work to know about those special problems.
Above poster, I'm sure you are aware of those problems yourself but you just didn't consider it enough before posting.

Comment Re:Hopper who? (Score 1) 369

Ever heard of self-depreciating humour?
Yes this place is a sausage-fest and I am also male - so? The kiddies who go on about IT as if they are lumberjacks and it's far too tough a job for anyone without a dick are worth laughing at. They don't get the irony that it wasn't so long ago that only girls were allowed in the high school typing classes and only boys were allowed in the metalwork classes.

Comment Re:Abolish NASA, and deregulate aerospace. (Score 1) 157

Without NASA there is nobody to pay for "private space" apart from communications satellites, and that's hardly enough to keep the lights on. Any "private space" company without military funding would be doomed.
It's appears to be one of those situations where there is far too little return for a purely private model to work.
It's worth mentioning that NASA didn't build the lunar lander, Grumman built the lunar lander. It's been "private space" ever since we ran out of captured German V2 rockets and started paying Chrysler and a pile of other companies for things to go into space.

Comment Re:prediction... more good comments... not (Score 1) 478

implementing a minimum-wage increase throws some of the poorest of poor out into the unemployment line to starve

Bullshit. That's like those old arguments about workers compensation or an ability to sue for damages encourages workers to permanently disable themselves. You've been infected by poisonous political rhetoric that was old and worn out more than a century ago.

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