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Comment Re:Freedom of the code, not the coder (Score 1) 161

Second, GPL does not prevent you from forking, provided the changes made to the fork are made available to people who receive your software.

A lot of nasty stuff gets said about RMS (sometimes by me) but he has stuck to the GPL and not killed off the other version of Emacs despite how much it annoyed him that he had lost control of it.

Comment Re:Oh yawn... (Score 1) 161

It sort of was theoretical until Darl McBride and his lawyer brother decided to use that premise to funnel as much money out of SCO as they could by pretending that code from linux was stolen from SCO and that IBM was financially responsible. Of course they lost, destroying SCO completely, but the legal fees were spectacular leaving them very wealthy perpetrators of a two man scam.

Comment Re:Can't wait for the real Cost Savings (Score 1) 127

Active Directory is just a subset of LDAP and there are plenty of other implementations, including the samba one that is very similar.

Client Access Licenses are the money makers

They almost fit the category of hidden costs and it's almost as if they were designed to cause cost overruns in projects. Since the stuff I support was never ported to MS windows it's been like watching a train wreck happen to others. At least with shitloads per seat product licensing you know exactly how much a project is going to cost instead of having extras come in from nowhere just because someone wants MS remote desktop instead of one of the many alternatives.

When ReactOS performs in the server space

Maybe it already does for the MS platform server software you want to run. Some of it isn't all the complicated.

Comment Re:Only SOME Optical Media Is Durable (Score 1) 363

They can also have issues with lower-quality drives - they offer dramatically lower contrast than dyes do, so the signal-to-noise ratio is much lower, to the point that many/most drives created before CD-RWs hit the market were unable to read them at all.

Personally, I've had lots of -Rs fail, don't think I've ever had issues with an -RW written in a standard single-session format. I seem to recall that the crystal actually needs to be heated to a few hundred degrees to change state - easy enough to do for a fraction of a second with a tightly focused laser beam, but not at ambient temperatures.

Comment Re:social experiments (Score 1) 302

Of course procreation is rational - you're simply assuming that your mind is relevant, and not recognizing that it (and your body) are simply tools created over hundreds of millions of years by genes optimizing their ability to reproduce. Any individual which doesn't procreate is irrelevant to the species, and those who are particularly good at it become the ancestors of most of humanity in a few dozen short millenia.

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