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Comment Re:The great thing about standards... (Score 1) 221

In phones with removable batteries, the SD card is generally hidden next to the SIM and requires moving the battery to get to it. So you can't swap while the phone is usable at all.

Sorry, but that's just plain not true. I've had 3 different smartphones with removable battery and SD (holding off on getting another because those features are so hard to find now). In exactly 0 of them did you have to remove the battery or SIM to change the SD card. To change the SIM card, yes; to change the SD card, no. (On the last 2 you do have to remove the back cover -- snap-off -- but not the battery)

Comment Re:Please NOT responsive (Score 1) 166

> I do support having a feature like: ?view=desktop
That would be good. I also think browser makers (especially mobile, but even desktop) should have an easy feature to fake the window size they send to the website. Add that to the "Request desktop site" feature in the mobile browser and that would resolve 95% of my objection to responsive sites.
I agree that specifically mobile sites are likely to hide features too, but with those at least I can get the non-mobile version trivially.

Comment Please NOT responsive (Score 1) 166

I despise "responsive" sites, because they almost always hide functionality, and you can't even get the normal "desktop" version because the whole site adapts based solely on screen width. At least with crappy mobile sites you can change the user-agent ("request desktop site") and get a usable site.

Comment Re:Businesses will automate anyway (Score 1) 940

Yeah the privacy thing bothered me at first but I grew comfortable with it the more I thought about it, given the other aspects of the society (trying to avoid putting too much in terms of spoilers here but basically I feel within the framework constructed in the story it doesn't actually hurt anything to lose your privacy).

Comment That's pretty much what I do already (Score 1) 303

I figure if I had to go to Stack Overflow for something, it's likely something that some future reader (or myself) may want more context/explanation on, and the Stack Overflow discussion generally contains a lot more than whatever snippet I happened to take. So I tend to include the URL in a comment.

Comment Re:The blindingly obvious (Score 1) 358

And this is why I buy Dell laptops. And would be incredibly stressed out if I didn't have that option. I like particular things. I already know I like them. I've tried the alternatives -- and I don't like them. Other people like different things. If someone only wants to give me a few choices they have to pick some things I don't like. That's what I hate about this "too much choice" meme. It fails to account for the fact that while it may be true for _some_ people that too much choice stresses them out, others don't mind the choice and are stressed out by not having the _right_ choice available. Other comments here have rightly pointed out that people who don't want to think about it can just go pick the top ranked items, and pretend those are their only choices.

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