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Journal Journal: Why I, a Windows user, love LINUX people.

I use Windows for a lot of reasons.
I missed the computer revolution by a few years, CS classes just didn't exist in HS at the time. I started using Norton Commander on my first computer. Then Windows 3.1, 95, 98 etc. As I am not in IT, I use my computer for gaming, browsing, spreadsheets, bitching on Slashdot, etc.
So why do I love LINUX people?
I have been on /. for many years before I finally registered. LINUX people taught me that my system is insecure. Along with that they taught me what to do to be more secure. They introduced me to NOSCRIPT, ADBLOCK and taught me what to beware of on the web.
You taught me to secure my router, my computer, and gave me the knowledge to help other Windows users.
You taught me how ads and links can be vectors for virus's and why to never run an unknown .exe file.
You taught me how to virtualize my machine so that if I do get stung, I can kill it without it getting on my HDD.
You taught me how to monitor my internet connection to look for spikes in upstream traffic that might be a bot. (the practical side of this is when there is a spike, it usually means it's time to clean my wife's computer.)
Most of us (based on personal observation and not backed by statistics) are really O/S agnostic. We don't have strong feelings for or against any particular O/S. We use Windows, not because we think it's great, but rather because it is what we are used to or because we game.
  I would happily pay for an O/S that runs all my programs, plays all my games well and was secure, so price has never been an issue. I don't expect anyone to provide me with an O/S for free that can do all of that.
LINUX users, you are the reason I can run Windows and NOT get infected.

Thank you LINUX users.

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