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Comment Re: By any other name... (Score 1) 156

I think he is referring to the few ads from the MS store that appear when you left-click the start button. It shows some of the metro tiles and a few are kinda ads for apps like Solitaire, Minecraft, iHeart Radio, Xbox Network and the like.
They are quite unobtrusive and if you never open the start menu that way you never see them. After all most of the important stuff comes up under a right-click in a convienient list. As I use the start menu to access a few key, but seldom used programs not pinned to the taskbar., I don't see the ads when I open it unless I scroll down.
I hate icons on my desktop so I use pinning quite a bit more than the average user who has a metric shit-ton of icons on their desktop. (at least were using metric!).
It actually makes a damn fine quicklaunch, with icons large enough for these old eyes to see.

Comment Re:false comparison... (Score 3, Insightful) 771

" if you think about it does it not kind of suck you only get TWO possible distinct channels?"

Meh, not really, after all I only have two distinct ears....

And we are talking about a phone, not a badass sound system. I just don't look to a pair of earbuds to deliver full fidelity surround sound. I look to them to drown out the maddening noises of modern society, and the boss whenever possible.....

Comment Re:They waited too long (Score 1) 145

Ah yes. Those of us with children (in my case, grandchildren) will see it irregardless of whether or not we would of sought it out on our own. And for the most part, we will enjoy it. It's in the sharing of that time with your (grand)kids that produces the value to a film like this.

This is something the childless here will never understand.

Comment Re:pretty poor science (Score 4, Insightful) 349

Yes, a nice example is to look at a hi-resolution photo of Earth from space. Much of humanity lives along coastlines and rivers, especially where a river meets the sea, as you get ocean access and river access to both global and inland trade, along with fresh water and a convenient way to get rid of waste.

Civilization settled where trade was convenient, with few exceptions. Before flight, water was the best, fastest way to trade. Once we mastered the sea, and were no longer confined to rivers and coastlines, civilization flourished with increasing speed. A few centuries back

According to Harvard University,* in this era: " More than 2 billion people, an estimated 37 percent of the world's population, live within 60 miles of the coast and would be affected, directly or indirectly, by incursions of the sea."
If we increase that to about 93 miles,** then the number jumps to approximately 44 percent.

The Harvard article is talking about a 3 to 5 foot increase in sea levels wiping out much of the coastal infrastructure worldwide, as much of it is built on flood plains frequently no more than 3 feet or so above sea level.
I would think it a safe bet that a 300 foot rise in sea level would affect a great many more, likely much more than 50 percent.


**UN atlas of the oceans: /CDSServlet?status=ND0xODc3JjY9ZW4mMzM9KiYzNz1rb3M~

Comment Re:Well yeah, if you know where the aliens are. (Score 1) 218

Well, thank you very much Immerman. I never considered that and dammit, you just ruined every interstellar warfare book and movie I ever read or watched by giving the most obvious and simple way to end an interstellar war. . Planetcide.

Ah shit. And I loved the Honor Harrington series so much.

Now, please write a book utilizing this so I will have something to read. Cheers!

Comment Re:Astrological stock analysis (Score 1) 162

"The 918's motor is basically just there to charge the batteries, plus it provides a modest share of extra power, but the main acceleration is electric."

Why on earth would you need a 600 horsepower engine to charge a battery? The electric portion is a cheap way to boost the HP to over 800 without designing a new engine. Until they can make a 1000+ HP electric motor that still has range, ICE engines will still be faster.

"The point is, the fastest production cars are now electric. "

Uh, no. With a top speed of only 218 mph the Porsche 918 it doesn't even make the top ten fastest production cars.

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