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Submission + - The 32-Bit Dog Ate 16 Million Kids' CS Homework

theodp writes: Tech explains in a blog post that it encountered technical difficulties Friday that temporarily made the work of 16 million K-12 students who have used the nonprofit's Code Studio offering disappear. CTO Jeremy Stone gave the kids an impromptu lesson on the powers of two with his explanation of why The Cloud ate their homework: "This morning, at 9:19 am PST, coding progress by students stopped saving on Code Studio, and the issue briefly brought the Code Studio site down. We brought the site back up shortly thereafter but student progress was still not being saved, and instead students saw an outdated message about the Hour of Code from December. [...] The way we store student coding activity is in a table that until today had a 32-bit index. What this means is that the database table could only store 4 billion rows of coding activity information. We didn’t realize we were running up to the limit, and the table got full. We have now made a new student activity table that is storing progress by students. With the new table, we are switching to a 64-bit index which will hold up to 18 quintillion rows of information. On the plus side, this new table will be able to store student coding information for millions of years. On the down side, until we’ve moved everything over to the new table, some students’ code from before today may temporarily not appear, so please be patient with us as we fix it."

Comment Re: Sad to see the Zuck... (Score 1) 499

Not disagreeing with you at all, but, I was referring to conversations here on Slashdot. Which, if anything talked about the cults of personality even more often than the media.
I won't even look at FB for at least another month for that very reason you stated. (Fortunately, I no longer have a long-distance job so avoiding it is easier than when I relied on it to keep up with my family. FB at that time had some importance in my life. Now that I work locally , not so much. )

Oh, to answer the last bit, judging by the reactions of people around me, they will hide in fear for at least a year (for the less paranoid) before they realize the world didn't end and POTUS doesn't mean 'dictator with unlimited power.' Also something to blame on the media with their exaggerated stories about Executive Orders and such making the Presidency out to be one person rule without limitation.

I don't care for President-elect Trumps authoritarian style, but the checks and balances will prevent him from running roughshod over the system.
While actual voter fraud is rare, paranoia is the medias stock and trade of late.

Saw some just as ridiculous headlines on Briebart about Hilary as well. They are all responsible for spreading their brand of paranoia.
(I read every side I can, and make up my own mind, for the most part, I came to the conclusion they're all full of shit.)
Unfortunately, I don't have time to look any examples up before my coffee's done and off to work.

Maybe when the shitstorm has cleared, people will wake up and start actually questioning those who....ah fuck, who am I kidding? People are sheep, and I very much doubt that will change unless there is actually blood running in the streets. (Ok, in some cases that seems to be happening, but you can't fix stupid, and nowadays, there is little excuse for being that uniformed) If your team lost, then you should be fighting harder next time, not rioting,making false accusations etc. (white people rioting no less, surprised it even got reported, though I haven't the time to read those stories until after work, so my knowledge is constrained at the moment to headlines.)

Oddly enough, one of the best, least biased explanations I saw, hidden under a very inflammatory headline, (and a fair bit of vulgarity in the body) for the difference between rural and urban voting was on Cracked...I know, that shouldn't be the case, but check out (and ignore the title, it has little to do with the article) 'how half of America lost it's f***ing mind.'
Someone else posted a link here, and I read it expecting something funny and irreverent, but got a very well thought out explanation of the difference in voters of rural and urban settings.

Coffee's done.
Peace out man!
Off to work!

Comment Re: Sad to see the Zuck... (Score 1) 499

Paper trail, checked multiple times against voter rolls.
Plus that was a very simplified explanation.
Plus Paper trail.
Can't be hacked from outside. (No net connection)
No machine to be hacked.
No system is perfect.

Did I mention paper trail?

It's actually very secure. To make a difference, you would have to steal way too many to not be noticed.
If you haven't received it by a specified date you contact the elections office.
Dupes? Checked multiple times by man and machine against rolls.
Lost? Provisional, just like everyone else.

The point I was making is it is more secure than these vote-flipping, prone to breakdown machines. If you chose to take it as a high school gymnasium with a bunch of stoners stuffing the ballots for the girl with the biggest tits, then that's on you.
After all, we aren't in the news for ballot irregularities.

Comment Re: Sad to see the Zuck... (Score 2) 499

Looking at RCP it's currently within 2m. That's basically a dead heat. I guess we had a hard time choosing who we hated more as neither are a clear winner with the populous. I think many votes were cast against candidates and not for candidates.

Personally, I voted policy over personality. (not that I agree down the line with either, just ones a tad closer to what I believe in, too bad they don't seem to believe in it once in office)

Seriously this election would of been better represented by the WWE.

(really loud, obnoxious announcer)
"November 8th, 2016, the match of the century is upon us! See the ultimate demonic duel of damnation!"
"The Creamsicle Charlatan vs. The Pantsuited Enabler no holds barred cage match. This is to the finish folks, no tag outs, no substitutions! Get your ballots now!"
It fits WWE better than it fits our ballots....

Kinda drifted off-topic there, damn good micro-brew. That's my story and I'm sticking with it...

Comment Re: Sad to see the Zuck... (Score 4, Insightful) 499

Why the fuck do that way. It's an issue at every election. Every. Single. One.
They need to do away with voting machines, period.

Here in Washington (not DC, the other one, no we are not part of Canada...) we do paper ballots. Most are mailed out and we drop them in any of 100's of boxes. There are permanent ones at libraries and the courthouse and hundreds of temporary ones during a general election.
We have a very strict accounting system overlooked by a bi-partisan pollsters at every step.
The mailed ballot has an outer envelope that identifies the voter, and an inner yellow security envelope than can have nothing written on it and the ballot enclosed and sealed.
After it is received they are electronically separated into districts and initially checked against registration rolls. They are then hand checked against voter rolls as the yellow envelopes are separated.
The separated vote then is removed and counted and all votes stored for a period (I'm unsure of how long.).
No problems large enough to make national news. A full paper trail. No internet, no machines to fuck up or be fucked with.
You can fill a vote out online and print it out. But the vote is only accepted at polling places or in-person drops as they don't have a second security envelope like the mailed ones.
Since it never touches the internet, you need physical access to do any fraud. That vastly complicates things compared to a few lines of code.

Sometimes the old fashioned way truly is best.

I don't know how costs compare, but with all the possibility of lawsuits, bad press, recounts and maintenance, I'm guessing it's not an astronomical difference. And I can be fairly confident that the counts are legitimate, as it would take some high-level fraud to cover up a paper trail with so many checks in place.

Comment Re: Sad to see the Zuck... (Score 2, Insightful) 499

Never. And this election just proved it.
By my completely biased viewpoint, issues were discussed like 1% of the time and the cult of personality vs the brick and what they allegedly did over the last decades made up the other 99%.
Personally, I voted policy, not personality.
I also voted for the losing side. But I'm not bitter, after all when your candidates only redeeming value is people seem to hate her slightly less. That's not a campaign strategy. That's desperation.
It was The Creamsicle Charlatan vs. The Pantsuited Enabler!
It should of been on WWE, not our ballots.

Comment Re: Translation (Score 1) 1081

If Trump had lost the EC, you would be yelling it was rigged, etc.
The system needs work, but the blatant lies, innuendo and dis-proven accusations we hear constantly spouted by ignorant, ill-informed people do nothing at all to advance society.
Even when events prove the lies for what they are, some of you just can't let go.

This election was a cult of personality contest between an out-sized ego and a brick.

Romney/Obama debating was as dull as hell because they politely debated policy. Trump/Clinton had very little policy with a lot of name calling and bluster and got record viewership.
People care about personality, because they don't understand policy that can't be explained in a ten second sound bite. If that were reversed the first party to figure out the best policies that actually worked for the majority would be unbeatable.

This race has been good in two ways. Donald pulled the Republicans a tad left and both parties just got slapped in the face with the fact that Americans do not feel represented by either party. If the Republicans get complacent or double-down on the alt-right shit because they won this time, they will lose downstream big time. Donald won their nomination by saying fuck off to the party platform and incorporating some of the worst and best of both sides into his own version of Donpublicanism. He essentially became a third-party win as he expounds the core principles of neither side.

Fuck this, beautiful day, I'm off, stoned, rambling on Slashdot, off to the four B's for me!!
Brick-oven pizza....

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