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Comment Re: Popcorn's ready... (Score 1) 524

Since you missed the point, here it is again.

" Once you reach a certain threshold in the government, you are pretty well insulated by all of the non-prosecuted, publicly known crimes everyone else committed."

Bush's war crimes are very much part of this.
Nice attempted (and failed) deflection from my point.

Comment Re:Criminal (Score 1) 524

You are of course correct.

I recall a few years ago the Dems at midterm elections were set in stone to take both houses by large numbers after the Reps fumbled badly with the meetings to block Obama and make him a one term president and the Norquist pledge.

Then the Dems faltered and lost both houses, managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
I don't recall the exact scenario (and too buzzed on my day off to care to look it up) but it was as I recall only about six months to a complete reversal.

And Romney can attest to the accuracy of polls...

Anyone proclaiming victory before the battle begins has not paid any attention to the past. I look forward to the debates. And I hope they are moderated to completely grill the candidates and not the candy-ass questions that we saw during the primaries.

I want to see them both sweat, I want to see how they react to pressure. It's their last chance to garner my vote for either. Both are dirty, both are dishonesty personified. On one hand we can elect the Antichrist, on the other hand we can elect Cthulhu.

At this point I don't know which is worse, but I lean toward Cthulhu basically on the premise of 'better the devil you know..", and we know Cthulhu from thirty-plus years of scandals, both real and imagined.

Comment Re: Popcorn's ready... (Score 1) 524

It's very simple really, Hillary wasn't prosecuted because they would then have to prosecute Bush for war crimes, and then backtrack to prosecute nearly every political figure for the last fifty years or so.

None of them were clean, all of them were rich, and that makes for expensive prosecution. Once you reach a certain threshold in the government, you are pretty well insulated by all of the non-prosecuted, publicly known crimes everyone else committed.

As long as you don't hand it over to your Korean girlfriend. You're pretty safe.

Cthulhu/Dagon 2016
Vote for the Elder Party and usher in pure evil rather than the lesser of two....

Comment Re: Julian's victim (Score 1) 301

So you think guilty until proven innocent is a superior way to do it? Or is it selective only against those you dislike or disagree with?

And the lock her up chants, based on conspiracy theories, innuendo, and lies should be shouted down.
Unproven accusations against Mr. Trump fall into this same category.
All are deserving of the requirement to have their guilt proven, irregardless of if they are murderers, rapists or politicians.
Innocence is supposed to be automatically assumed. Anything less is unacceptable.

Cthulhu/Dagon 2016. Vote the Elder party and elect supreme evil instead of the lesser of two!

Comment Re:In Germany, lights work that way (Score 1) 203

"I city-drive distracted most of the day and still have 'an exceptionally clean driving record' with a big target on me since people want to get a huge payday by getting hit by a company vehicle."

You are a very lucky person.
Luck may not last forever.
Distracted driving is dangerous always.

I respectively disagree and you would never of passed with me as an instructor. Luck means nothing.

Comment Re:In Germany, lights work that way (Score 1) 203

"Sadly, the politeness of even professional drivers seems to be going downhill. "

And here we have one of the motivations that caused me to leave the industry.
Most drivers (all classes) are mediocre, but at least try to flow, but it seems that the minority of assholes grows larger every year and becomes more aggressive.

"Not all of us in four-wheelers are ignorant, and not everyone in a luxury car is an entitled ass."

I'm in that same class, I drive very close to the speed limits, am courteous, and always give thanks. And every asshole driver thinks I want to race them at stoplights. I drive a 95 Corvette. It is fun though, to see someone take off like dynamite from the light while I pull casually away and half a block later they get the flashing blueberries!

Drive safe and don't forget your KEYS!

        -Aim high in steering.
        -Get the big picture.
        -Keep your eyes moving.
        -Leave yourself an out.
        -Make sure they can see you.

Comment Re:riiiiiight (Score 1) 88

"With 360,000,000 people as the population, you would be surprised at what kind of stupidity you can find."

Nah, no trouble at all imagining what level of stupidity you could find. To an exceptional hacker, the NSA I would imagine, would be quite like the accomplished jewel thief stealing the Crown Jewels. An ultimate target if you will.
A certain type of mindset will happily go down in flames for the glory of it, irregardless of the consequences.

BTW, your NSA goodies are outdated, I have this afternoons copies but I only just started encoding mine, I'll send you a co.......(signal lost)

Comment Re:In Germany, lights work that way (Score 1) 203

Many of the crosswalks here in Spokane, Washington have countdown timers that count down to red, or rather to yellow, as it's green, yellow, red here in the states.

They are easily visible as you drive, without looking at your phone, which here will get you a ticket if the fuzz see you.

The only real difficulty is that percentage of drivers that use it to 'beat the light' rather than prepare to stop. But bad drivers are a universal problem.

And if you must watch your phone to be prepared to go at the green light, you're doing it wrong to begin with. You aren't paying attention to what is going on around you. Unless it's three a.m., you are quite unlikely to acquire everything that has changed since you took your eyes off the road in the few seconds the timer quits displaying before the actual change.

And before someone yell's "I can!" I call bullshit.
I have never once seen someone able to do it in the decade I taught commercial semi (articulated lorries?) truck drivers though I heard claims of this type and many more that were even more amazing.
Every. single one of those 'amazing multitaskers' failed, because every one with that mistaken belief in their heads have one thing in common. They practice what they preach and show everyone just how poorly this works.
And since it takes an exceptionally clean driving record to even get to be trained by me, I was training the top of the class compared to the driving public as a whole. And many of them still sucked.
The salvageable ones learned the Smith System and by and large became good, responsible drivers. There are always exceptions, but they don't generally last long once they are on their own.

Multitasking drivers equal good business for funeral homes.

Comment Re: Nope (Score 1) 675

Here in Spokane Washington, I have only seen it at Walmart and Safeway stores. The HomeDepot here is still swipe.** Most of the gas stations, convenience stores, bowling alleys and the like have the proper equipment, but don't have the chip reader activated.

I wonder if they're faster in Europe. While I won't get my panties in a bunch over a few extra seconds, standing in a long line at Wally World it does add up.
Seems like the newer the tech, the slower. When I was a kid, my car radio took a minute to warm up, as a young man my car radios came on instantly, now the CD/DVD/USB/Flash Drive/TouchScreen radio in my car takes as long to boot up and play as my old tube radio did. (offtopic, I know...)

**I haven't been in HomeDepot for at least a month, so maybe it's changed. But considering how slowly the rollout is going, not likely.

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