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Comment Re:I smell a rat...or alternative facts (Score 1) 279

And the funny part is the cite doesn't even make his point.
From that link:
Natural swings in the Arctic climate have caused up to half the precipitous losses of sea ice around the North Pole in recent decades, with the rest driven by man-made global warming, scientists said on Monday.

Do people really believe that no one was accounting that nature drives part of the process? It's never been claimed we cause 100%, we've always know natural processes were involved as well. The only question is how much. If deniers can only bring our contribution down to 50%, then they have proven themselves wrong.

Hopefully that makes some sense, pretty buzzed right now....I have weird days off.

Comment Re:now we know why tech is protected (Score 3, Insightful) 457

Because it was on every sitting presidents watch since the formation of government?
As far as the electronics hacking goes, ever since electronics became a thing.
Hell, Nixon got caught up in early electronic eavesdropping,
This isn't new knowledge, just confirmation of what has been suspected all along.

Vault 7 sounds like a great title for a new TV series...

Comment Re: That's why I pay to recycle monitors (Score 1) 274

I live in such an area.

We have had our water polluted by illegal oil dumps and a guaranteed leak-proof high speed rail refueling station for BNSF, along with various dumps of industrial solvent and such. The water here tastes like shit. Growing up the water was much better after they got rid of the major rail switch yard downtown and turned it into a park. But the last 40 years have seen it return to the 60's.

Yep, I care too.

Comment Re:or Driverless racing (Score 1) 87

"I watch racing, but a crash is the last thing I want to see."
And I agree, but it is the risk that makes it interesting, the human element.

  It's an interesting technology that can only add to the abilities of self driving considering how much a track with minutely known characteristics can change over the course of a race, And then there are the 'marbles' of rubber on the outsides of the curves. Nothing quite as exciting as getting into the marbles at a hundred MPH in turn four and glancing off the grandstand concrete.

Sorry, I digressed, miss doing that a lot! Old age sucks. The point I started for is I see it at best being slightly more popular than RC model car, boat, plane, drone racing at about a zillion times the cost.

Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 1) 224

Oh, I think the vast majority of 'NIX users know exactly what they are using,

Hell,, the closest I get to 'LINUX' is the Custom Debian based server that runs our Brunswick A2 machines that has paid support. I'm just the keyboard interface. And although I can't tell you the details of the distribution, I know what it's based on and know it is a very 'stripped down' version as the 8 computers it controls have 80486x 32bit 33mhz CPU's with the astounding amount of 4mb SIMM memory!

They do have updated IDE 40GB HDD's but use less than 4 GB as they originally used 100 MB HDD's.

The other two systems I'm responsible for are propitiatory Frameworx scoring I suspect was written in a mental institution, as some brainiac decided that an invisible 9 digit touchpad on a touchscreen that is unusable if it gets slightly out of calibration was a good idea. As you need to enter the code to access the calibration screen.

The other is a Windows system comprised on an isolated xp system that runs our in house advertising behind the bowl desk, (hey, it works perfect, why replace it) an internet connected vista/7 system for our POS (appropriate,no?) and a solitary computer that when I started everyone said don't turn it off! We don't know what it does! (seriously, the new owners had no idea!). It was headless, so I installed a monitor and low and behold, it was awaiting a login. That was all that was on the screen, it had been reset by a power outage or crash years before. It is a Win3.1!
I work with some old shit!

So even I, a lowly Windows user who doesn't code, knows at least the basics of the one LINUX system I come in contact with.

Only a minority of 'NIX users wouldn't know at least the distro.

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